Monday, August 12, 2019

Blues harmonica player/singer Dov Hammer new album BlueSoul...solid and earthy blues with soul

Welcome to the Blue Soul of Dov Hammer - and get ready for some some hipshakin’, heartbreakin’, earthquakin’ Blues!

For almost 30 years Dov Hammer has plied his trade as singer, songwriter and harmonica player in various bands such as The Blues Rebels, CG and The Hammer and the Daily Blues, as well as backing top notch artists such as Joe Louis Walker, Lucky Peterson, Bernard Allison and many others.

Now comes “BlueSoul”, Dov Hammer’s new album, the first recorded under his own name since 2004’s “Going deep”. While that album was strictly stripped -down, raw acoustic Blues, BlueSoul” is a bubbling pot of Blues gumbo - a variety of styles ranging from Chicago to New Orleans, from traditional to modern and all points in between, all anchored by Hammer’s soulful vocals, soaring harmonica and unique songwriting. The songs deal with love and loss, going through challenges and changes and enduring trials and tribulations with grit and determination and some hard earned humor…

The album cover art was designed by Taloosh, a talented musician in her own right, whose unique art captures the special ambiance of Dov Hammer’s music.

Marty's review: Dov Hammer's "BlueSoul" is exactly what the title implies, solid, earthy blues with heavy doses of soul that is delivered with confidence and finesse from a masterful player, singer and songwriter that certainly knows his way around a good blues song. His deep and passionate vocals are at the fore and his stinging harmonica licks are stylish and throbbing. Add to that a solid rhythm section and you have a contemporary blues release that fires on all cylinders.

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