Thursday, April 18, 2019

blues-rock outfit Land Mammal release self-titled debut EP..a wholly unique adventure

Land Mammal are 5-piece rock/roots outfit from Dallas,Texas and have just released their debut, 4-track, self-titled EP. Their creed is very intriguing: "Sprouting from the earth, an electrical current takes hold. The sound grows within, gaining power and momentum to break free from the soil. Bursting with synergy a new sound echoes strong. All of life unified underneath one sun."

Marty's review: This very impressive release has an electric blues/rock feel with a nod to 60's psychedelia/prog-rock. Driving guitars, classic-rock style vocals and a solid beat provide a surrounding sound that encompasses the soul and resonates as a wholly unique adventure. Favourite tracks for me are "Earth Made Free"and "Dark With Rain".

Land Mammal are:
Kinsley August - lyrics, vocals 
Will Weise - guitar 
Phillip PJ Soapsmith - bass 
Stephen Smith - drums 
True Turner - key, synth

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