Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Wallin-Jison return with new acoustic rootsy album "Definitely Blue"..feel-good back to basics

With their unique mix of blues and country influences Wallin-Jison are back with a new acoustic album "Definitely Blue" and the moving leading track "Move Around The Room".

For Wallin-Jison two things are the most important: keeping all songs down to three chords and maintaining a steady output. They're not trying to reinvent the wheel, but instead creating interesting and engaging songs within somewhat traditional formulas - and keeping them coming! ​

-" You might think that limiting yourself to basic twelve bar blues formats could be restrictive to your songwriting, but it's actually the other way around! Surrendering yourself to those timeless and beautiful patterns frees you up to really focus on the lyrical and musical content of a song, instead of cramming a thousand distracting chords and changes into everythingsays songwriter/vocalist/guitarist Christian Wallin . ​

Together with bassist and musical mastermind Lasse Jison Johansson and with six albums made during the last three years...the journey for Wallin-Jison has only just begun!​

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Marty's reviewWallin-Jison is the duo of Christian Wallin and Lasse Jison Johansson and their new release "Definitely Blue" is a healthy serving of back to basics acoustic roots music that is a mix of blues, country and a little bit folky. The pair work well together with some well-rounded instrumentation, clever and feel-good songwriting, and a satisfying vocal range that is easy on the ear and is delivered with unification and playfulness. The album isn't quite 100% acoustic as there is also some excellent scratchy electric guitar in the mix too. An accomplished effort that is worth several spins.