Friday, February 8, 2019

UK based The Society of Angelic Potheads release "Behind 12 Bars"...roots based whimsiness

The Potheads' bio describes them as "Purveyors of songs from the Hogsmill Delta. A blending of Blues mixed with a dash of Lonnie Donegan, Slade, and various Herbs and Spices found high up on the hills surrounding the Hogsmill, before it joins the Thames.....".

With a name like The Society of Angelic Potheads (SAPs for short?), these guys obviously don't take themselves too seriously, which is a good thing. They inject a lot of fun and whimsiness into their roots based music and deliver with tongues firmly in cheeks (think Devo or Madness with a blues/country-tinged sound). 

Musically they are very proficient with more than competent instrumentation and vocals from all members. The interesting part is their take on songwriting which sees them tackling many subjects from drinking, working, society, culture, boy meets girl plus an attempt at a serious love song. With extremely complex song titles like "3 Fingers", "Me and My Horse", "Feminine Side" and "Flip Flap Flop", this is definitely for the thinking person (if you want to!). They also get down and dirty with their renditions of "Roadhouse Blues" and "Rock Me Baby" which both go down as searing, red hot blues-roots music. "Behind 12 Bars" is a sprawling collection of 10 original numbers plus 4 covers and makes a most unpredictable and visionary release.

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