Sunday, January 27, 2019

Chameleon of the blues artist Dale Bandy album release "blue."...inspired and personal solo debut

Dale Bandy is an inspired artist with more than 40 years of experience. He wears many hats, including lead vocalist, guitarist, songwriter, band leader and producer. Based in Orlando, Florida, Bandy can be characterized as a chameleon of the blues as he moves effortlessly between traditional blues, '50s style blues, blues-rock, and his own unique take on contemporary blues.

blue.” is Bandy's debut album as a solo artist. Inspired by real-life events, its emotional content is self-evident. We've all had moments where we have gone too far and hurt the ones we love, a sentiment embodied musically in Bandy's song “lf l Could Only Take it Back." “My Bad Reputation” describes courting a woman as a much younger man, while “Get It On” paints a picture of the ebb and flow of love on any given evening at home, a subject anyone who's been in a long-term relationship can relate to. “Country Star” was written in a dream set in a Nashville recording studio in which Dale was directing and teaching the band the song. As he counted off the band, he woke and ran to his studio to record the song. Taken as a whole, “blue.” is the embodiment of Bandy's depth of musical understanding and offers a glimpse into future releases by this multifaceted artist. 

Marty's review: Dale Bandy's multi-functional talents and his perceptive and personal views on life and everyday happenings all come together on this accomplished and finely-calibrated release. Musically he combines several forms of roots music in their simplest and most accessible form with lyrics that are honest and definitive creating a sensitive and masterful collection of compositions that are both well-rounded and sophisticated. Dale's music will allow the listener to maybe think about their own life and reflect accordingly without delving too much in reflectiveness but rather seeing a future that is clear and defined.

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