Thursday, December 13, 2018

New Orleans guitar legend Bryan Lee "Sanctuary" album release...sharing a gift and a dream come true

"Sanctuary" first came to Bryan Lee in a dream. The night before a festival performance in a church in Spitsbergen, Norway, the blind New Orleans guitar legend heard an entire musical arrangement for the Lord’s Prayer in his sleep. The next day, he performed it just as he heard it. So inspired were he and the band they recorded it while still in Norway. But it would be seven years, and a chance meeting with producer Steve Hamilton who offered his studio and skills, before the rest of the album became a reality. The result is an 11-song master work expressing Lee’s attitude toward life, love for the Lord, and gratitude for his talent and career.

There is a lot to be grateful for, but it did not come easily. Lee lost his sight at 8 years old, but by 15, he was playing music for crowds in the Midwest. A love of blues led him to spend nearly 20 years in Chicago, and Muddy Waters accurately predicted that if Lee stayed the course, he would become a legend. Time and hard work brought 14 albums, multiple world tours, an appearance on Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s “Blues From the Backroads, 10 Days Out" documentary, performances on national shows, and the freedom to finally make "Sanctuary." “Gratefully, I am now able to share this gift, this dream come true, with you all,” Lee said.

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