Thursday, December 20, 2018

Blues/soul/roots original Randy McAllister new release Triggers Be Trippin'...scorches and resonates

Randy McAllister is one of America's true blues/soul/roots originals and one of Texas' most revered and critically acclaimed artists. He has been flying in the face of convention his whole career ...  no smoke, no mirrors, no choreography or industry machines. Randy plays driving drums and world-class harmonica, writes incredible songs, and sings like no one else. His new album, "Triggers Be Trippin," is available now.

Raised in the small Texas town of Novice, McAllister is a sixth generation Texan. Following in his father's footsteps, Randy started on drums at age 9. McAllister found the harmonica in his early 20s while stationed in Massachusetts as a member of the USAF, taking cues from blues legend "Earring George" Mayweather, a Boston resident and harmonica master. McAllister moved to Alaska in 1989, where he spent the next three years playing in various bands. By the time he returned to Texas in 1992, he was a strong, skillful harp player establishing a reputation as a vocalist and songwriter. In 1997, McAllister signed with JSP Records, releasing three highly acclaimed CD's before going on to issue recordings on Severn Records (with Mike Morgan) and Reaction Records. "Roustabout, maverick, spiritual, gritty, amazing, genius, wild, bad-ass, soulful" ... those are some of the words used to describe this Texas bona-fide blue blood. A true ambassador of East Texas music with a career spanning more than 30 years and 15 albums to his credit.

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Marty's review: On his latest release Randy McAllister serves up a dose of no-nonsense, down to earth soulful roots blues that is scorches and resonates with every note. With nine original compositions plus the bluesiest cover of "Since I Met You Baby" I've ever heard, this release shows the multiple talents of this exceptional artist and will further his career in no uncertain way.