Saturday, December 29, 2018

Singer/guitarist Johnny Ramos debut album Johnny and Jaalene... blues and roots/rockabilly

19-year-old singer/guitarist Johnny Ramos is making the scene all over Orange County, L.A. and beach cities alike, even hitting Viva Las Vegas this year and making quite a splash. As son of blues guitarist Kid Ramos, Johnny has been surrounded by music all his life. From blues to rock, jazz, rockabilly, punk, disco, even classical and Broadway, he has been living a musical life since he was in the womb. When he was young, Johnny started out with the piano. When he was old enough, his dad handed him his very ­first guitar, never to be put down again.

The handsome 19-year-old actor/choirboy musician is tearing up the music scene with his blues and roots/rockabilly band, Johnny and Jaalene. His super talented co-front girl Jaalene DeLeon is a 16-year-old beauty from East L.A. who sings like a bird and looks like a doll. Jaalene is a theater girl and choir student turned rockabilly diva, given the moniker “The Queen of the Teens.” Jaalene played many a lead role in musical theater before joining Johnny with her timeless voice. She has won ­first place in many singing competitions and performed the national anthem for a variety of prestigious events.

Their debut album, “Johnny & Jaalene,” on Rip Cat Records, features Kid Ramos, Tommy Harkenrider, Brent Harding and Kip Dabbs, the best of the best of the SoCal music scene. This album has 12 songs featuring roots, rockabilly, Chicano rock ’n’ roll and Americana. The future holds many great things for these two rising Mexican-American teen idols.

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Marty's review: this debut release from Johnny Ramos and Jaalene DeLeon is a most upbeat and "feel-good" delight that will have you singing along and tapping your toes from the first notes. These talented young artists have taken the roots music of rock and roll, rockabilly, doo-wop and Americana to create a vibrant and ecstatic mix of tunes that not only pay tribute to the original performers but also allow them to be heard by a whole new audience. Their simply rousing version of Eddie Cochran's "Teenage Cutie", Wanda Jackson's "Let's Have A Party" and the classic Everly Brothers ballad "Let It Be Me" are definite highlights and they deliver each track with an excitement and passion that is refreshing to hear.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Blues singer/songwriter Tommy Palumbo seasonal release Hollerin' a Christmas Blues

Tommy Palumbo is a London-based, British-Italian musician. Tommy's music is about honouring traditional acoustic and electric blues. However, he also likes to push blues boundaries further on up the road and he has created Metropolitan Blues, a style which fuses hard drum sections with blues vocals and guitars.

Better Be On My Own is Tommy's tribute to the delta blues, while January Blues is his homage to Chicago blues.

An example of Metropolitan Blues is the song Nothing But the Blues from his new album Tones of Blues.

He recently released his seasonal offering "Hollerin' a Christmas Blues".

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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Blues/soul/roots original Randy McAllister new release Triggers Be Trippin'...scorches and resonates

Randy McAllister is one of America's true blues/soul/roots originals and one of Texas' most revered and critically acclaimed artists. He has been flying in the face of convention his whole career ...  no smoke, no mirrors, no choreography or industry machines. Randy plays driving drums and world-class harmonica, writes incredible songs, and sings like no one else. His new album, "Triggers Be Trippin," is available now.

Raised in the small Texas town of Novice, McAllister is a sixth generation Texan. Following in his father's footsteps, Randy started on drums at age 9. McAllister found the harmonica in his early 20s while stationed in Massachusetts as a member of the USAF, taking cues from blues legend "Earring George" Mayweather, a Boston resident and harmonica master. McAllister moved to Alaska in 1989, where he spent the next three years playing in various bands. By the time he returned to Texas in 1992, he was a strong, skillful harp player establishing a reputation as a vocalist and songwriter. In 1997, McAllister signed with JSP Records, releasing three highly acclaimed CD's before going on to issue recordings on Severn Records (with Mike Morgan) and Reaction Records. "Roustabout, maverick, spiritual, gritty, amazing, genius, wild, bad-ass, soulful" ... those are some of the words used to describe this Texas bona-fide blue blood. A true ambassador of East Texas music with a career spanning more than 30 years and 15 albums to his credit.

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Marty's review: On his latest release Randy McAllister serves up a dose of no-nonsense, down to earth soulful roots blues that is scorches and resonates with every note. With nine original compositions plus the bluesiest cover of "Since I Met You Baby" I've ever heard, this release shows the multiple talents of this exceptional artist and will further his career in no uncertain way.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Australian-born blues-rock artist Hamish Anderson LIVE video of high energy single "Breaking Down"

Australian-born, blues-rock artist Hamish Anderson and his live video and first performance ever of his new track, "Breaking Down."  It was filmed live at Belly Up in Solana Beach, CA.   Already praised by NPR, Billboard, American Songwriter, KCRW, Relix Magazine, among other taste-makers, Glide Magazine raves about Hamish, “The young guitarist is a true talent ...we can expect big things from him in the coming years.”

All Things Go, premiered the song and declared, “From soulful strums of a thick bass to near-rockabilly breakdowns, the young artist clearly knows the path from nostalgia to the future.” 

“Breaking Down” dials up straight ahead, high energy rock and roll reminiscent of early Kings of Leon -with the swagger of 60's bands like The Kinks and The Who. Produced by 7x Grammy winner Jim Scott (whose credits include Red Hot Chili Peppers and Tom Petty), this new single is an unabashed rocker from start to finish, with a driving bass line and a breakneck drum beat backing up his rhythmic guitar styling.

Stream and download HERE

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Thursday, December 13, 2018

New Orleans guitar legend Bryan Lee "Sanctuary" album release...sharing a gift and a dream come true

"Sanctuary" first came to Bryan Lee in a dream. The night before a festival performance in a church in Spitsbergen, Norway, the blind New Orleans guitar legend heard an entire musical arrangement for the Lord’s Prayer in his sleep. The next day, he performed it just as he heard it. So inspired were he and the band they recorded it while still in Norway. But it would be seven years, and a chance meeting with producer Steve Hamilton who offered his studio and skills, before the rest of the album became a reality. The result is an 11-song master work expressing Lee’s attitude toward life, love for the Lord, and gratitude for his talent and career.

There is a lot to be grateful for, but it did not come easily. Lee lost his sight at 8 years old, but by 15, he was playing music for crowds in the Midwest. A love of blues led him to spend nearly 20 years in Chicago, and Muddy Waters accurately predicted that if Lee stayed the course, he would become a legend. Time and hard work brought 14 albums, multiple world tours, an appearance on Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s “Blues From the Backroads, 10 Days Out" documentary, performances on national shows, and the freedom to finally make "Sanctuary." “Gratefully, I am now able to share this gift, this dream come true, with you all,” Lee said.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Atlanta roots rockers Collins Drive release "This Town of Mine"...rootsy, Americana rock'n'roll

Atlanta roots-rock trio Collins Drive recently released their latest album, This Town of Mine. The album is 7 songs and 30 minutes of rootsy, Americana Rock and Roll. It is a melting pot of influences from Whiskeytown, The Band, Tony Joe White to Van Morrison and Gregg Allman. Collins Drive left no stone unturned on this album. 

To help round out the sound of the album, Collins Drive recruited top shelf musicians such as Atlanta saxophonist Will Scruggs (“Another Day Away” and “Shall We Dance”), Michelle Schrotz of Virginia band Brave on organ and harmony vocals (“Another Rainy Night in GA”), and Suvo Sur, also of Brave, on violin (The Bidding’s Closed).  They were even honored to be graced with the presence of legendary Whiskeytown fiddler/vocalist Caitlin Cary who joined Don on a duet for the song “Another Day Away.”

Collins Drive is so lucky to have so many talented friends lend their talents to our songs.  Without them, they wouldn’t have turned out nearly as magical and moving as they turned out.  As for having Caitlin Cary do a duet with me, that seemed like nothing more than a pipe dream to me.”, says de Leaumont.  “I reached out to her and she said she’d give it a listen.  About a week later she messaged me and told me how much she loved the song and she delivered a performance that brought me to tears.”   

This Town of Mine shows just how much a band can grow and mature in just a year’s time.  After countless shows, writing sessions, and rehearsals, Collins Drive’s hard work really shows on This Town of Mine.  If you’re a fan of just good ol’ rootsy rock and roll with a Southern twist, this is definitely an album that will be right at home in your ears, heart, and soul.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Austin, Texas Americana artist Danny Golden album release Old Love...honesty and integrity

Danny Golden is a singer/songwriter, a rock and roller and a lifelong searcher for truth and people to share it with. He says the artist’s job is to investigate the depths of our world and bring some meaning back to the surface. His music is an antidote to the status quo; the trendy internet fads we inhale like a fruity pebble flavored vape pen until the flavor runs out and we need a new fix. In a world of artists selling you their projected images of hip, Golden’s music invites you to real connection on a human level.

His latest album, Old Love, is his exploration of relationships, of the situations we all find ourselves in when we let somebody into our life. It’s an investigation of the ancient binding force that has both inspired and confused us since the world began. It’s about clear cut signs and gray areas. It’s about facing the daunting power of love and taking it head on. It’s about the potential to be overwhelmed by that same love and walk away. It’s about figuring out your path and interacting with the temptations and distractions that get more fun and better looking every day.

His amazing backing band are Spencer Garland (Black Pumas, Matthew Logan Vasquez, PR Newman), Jeff Olson (White Denim, Balmorhea) and Brendan Bond (Glorietta, Matthew Logan Vasquez, Golden Dawn Arkestra). Insert lifelong best friend and collaborator Ben Brown on lead guitar. Add producer John Michael Landon and help from a few friends including Mary Bryce (SMiiLE) and Evan Kaspar (Mother Falcon) and you have the full roster for the album.

Danny Golden’s music is an invitation to look at life through the artist’s eyes, to see more, and to see more clearly.

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Marty's review: Danny Golden's approach to his music is delivered with an honesty and integrity that is often rare in many contemporary artists. His lyrics are introspective, heartfelt and offer the listener a window into his views and experiences of his life. The instrumentation is tight and masterful without being over-produced which makes the album essential listening and a feel-good experience.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Mick Kolassa and the Taylor Made Blues Band "149 Delta Avenue" ... free range blues

After releasing two critically acclaimed albums of other people’s music, Mick Kolassa is back to what he loves most: recording and releasing what he calls his own “free range blues.” His new album, "149 Delta Avenue," covers a multitude of blues styles and sub-genres. Mick has assembled a collection of fine new original songs and three of his favorites written by others. To bring this body of work to life, he has brought together a stellar group of musicians that include the Taylor Made Blues Band and some great guests.

For this album Mick teamed with Grammy® Award and BMA winning producer Michael Freeman. The Taylor Made Blues Band for this album consists of David Dunavent on guitar and backing vocals, Leo Goff on bass, Lee Williams on drums and Chris Stephenson on keyboards, with Susan Marshall and Daunielle “Pie” Hill on backing vocals. Stepping up to add their magic are special guests Jeff Jensen, Eric Hughes, J.D. Taylor, Toronzo Cannon, Marc Franklin, Kirk Smothers, Alice Hasen, Suavo Jones, and Marty Sammon, with engineer Mike Wilson offering his whistling skills. Taking full advantage of his tastes and experience and the talents of the amazing musicians who helped him put this together, Mick has once again delivered a real treat for his listeners.

The album opens with Mick’s song “I Can’t Slow Down," which is his confessional about how he lives, followed by “US 12 to Highway 49," which traces his lifelong blues odyssey. “Alternative Man” is a sexy blues tune in the classic “macho” sense, treated two different ways on this album. “Cotton Road” is a powerhouse song that Mick wrote after a conversation with the curator of Memphis’ Cotton Museum and driving on the road on which he lives (Cotton Road). “I Don’t Need No Doctor," a song introduced by Ray Charles but also delivered by Humble Pie and others, has a special place in Mick’s heart, as does Larry Garner’s great composition “Miss Boss," which has been a mainstay in his live shows for years. Then there’s “The Viper," which is just a fun song.

Taken as a whole, this album represents Mick’s love of all styles of blues, as well as his continuing drive to improve as an artist and as a songwriter.

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Monday, December 3, 2018

Americana Singer-Songwriter Amilia K Spicer releases "Harlan" music emotional journey

Amilia K Spicer’s latest album is the triumph Wow and Flutter, which is Spicer’s third release.It has enjoyed acclaim for its captivating, personal lyricism, haunting melodies, and powerful rustic tone. American Songwriter Magazine described the album as “a timeless, brand-new Americana classic.” Now, Spicer is releasing the LP's third single, “Harlan,” which sees Spicer make the emotional journey to the birthplace of her father.

The album landed on many year-end best-of lists for 2017. Despite the acclaim, Spicer retains an underground mystique to her, perhaps due to her “don’t fence me in” attitude (also the name of her record label).  In addition to performing, Spicer spends time traveling (recently to Tibet and Bhutan), showcasing her photography, and directing/producing indie films. Throughout 2018, Spicer performed frequently in the Americana festival circuit. She wowed fans with a full band set at the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas, as well as the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival in Oklahoma. Furthermore, she’s performed more intimately at venues across the US, including 30A Songwriters Festival in January.

With the single, Spicer proudly debuts the self-directed music video for “Harlan.” As ever, the video is an excellent example of what makes Amilia K Spicer such a captivating performer – after all, she’s a frequent face on the Americana music festival circuit!

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