Thursday, November 1, 2018

The Little Red Rooster Blues Band release "Lock Up the Liquor"..a homage to Chicago and West Coast blues

With a style that pays homage to traditional Chicago and West Coast blues, but a sound all their own, the Little Red Rooster Blues Band’s new release, "Lock up the Liquor," reflects 30 years of bringing laughter and tears to audiences on the East Coast circuit. Featuring three-time Pinetop Perkins Piano Player of the Year nominee Anthony Geraci on piano and world-renowned harp virtuoso Steve Guyger, formerly of the Jimmy Rogers Band, on harmonica, this collection of 15 original songs is a blues tour de force.

From the rowdy opener, “Pitchin’ Woo,” through the hilarious “Thrift Store Rubbers” and the driving closer “Trouble in the Jungle,” there’s plenty on the album to get fans on the dance floor. Harp lovers will delight at “Cotton Mouth,” the band’s tribute to James Cotton. And tear-stained tracks like “Ready for Goodbye” and “Just a Distant Memory” demonstrate the band’s mastery of the emotional power of the blues.

Thirty years of living and loving the blues is all captured on this release with an infectious combination of reverence for the music and a whole lotta fun!

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Marty's review: The Little Red Rooster Band celebrate their 30th anniversary with this new release of 15 all-original tracks of traditional Chicago/West Coast style blues that pay homage to their roots and the artists that inspired them. Their sound is upbeat with a tightness and professionalism that is thunderous and exhilarating in its delivery.  Top-notch instrumentals and soulful vocal numbers make this an all-round blues collection that will delight lovers of classy, polished blues.

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