Thursday, November 8, 2018

Independent blues artist Black Lark releases self-titled album..blues with a good vibe, honesty and a loud guitar!

Black Lark is blues, honesty and a loud guitar. The unforgivingly personal lyrics feels like bare bone excerpts from a diary and the music is raw and dirty. Having grown up listening to the likes of John Lee Hooker and Johnny Winter, he continued his musical explorations through rock, jazz and folk only to find his way back to the blues.

Being fed up with the clean and polished sounds of a lot of modern albums in the genre, Black Lark's debut album stands for something completely different. It was recorded quickly and with a very modest setup to best capture the mood of the songs. Recorded over two days in August 2018. Everything played live to tape except organ on "Won't Catch Me Sleeping" which was added later the second day at a different location. 

Marty's review: the blues doesn't get any more raw than this debut by Black Lark. Recorded "live" with a straight, no nonsense style, this is pure blues roots with the essence of the original blues masters and Black Lark's own poignant and masterful story-telling. A very impressive release that deserves attention from any blues and roots music aficionado.

The album is now available on all the usual platforms on-line.

It’s blues for today, not yesterday.

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