Thursday, November 15, 2018

Boston’s Southern-flavored blues/roots rock quartet Sunshine Riot release "Interstate"...raucous Americana

Boston’s Southern-flavored blues/roots rock quartet Sunshine Riot recently released "Interstate" from their album Lonely Hotel, the band’s 3rd full length studio album. It was produced by 19-time grammy nominated producer, George Dussault, at Galilee Studios in Cumberland RI, who calls Sunshine Riot a, “"great, soulful band. . . a favorite of mine.”

Already featured on  Sounds of Boston, Diffuser FM, Alternate Root, Glide Magazine and Elmore Magazine, among others, the "4-piece band from Boston, Massachusetts takes elements of country, blues and punk and twist them into their own rock Southern sound.” (Pure Grain Audio) 

The album reflects the perspective of a band that has been writing, touring, performing and generally "doing the thing" for about 10 years. Still maintaining their focus on writing the best, most honest rock and roll songs they can, Sunshine Riot also are not just business, as they deliver twelve songs, including one about Applebee's. The name of the record (which half the band hates), is a reference not only to time spent on the road but  to the fundamental feeling which seems to find its way into most of the songs: a kind of restlessness and yearning. 

With “grit and the most raucous Americana sound that combines the angst of Nirvana with the temperament of Wilco" (, Jonny Orton (vocals/guitar), Jeff Sullivan (bass),  Mark Tetreault (lead guitar) and Chris Alvarado (drums) produce a freewheeling mix of country, rock, blues and punk. Coming together in 2011, the band has made swift headway, releasing their debut album A Fresh Bottle and a Brand New Day in 2012 and Black Coffee Sigh in 2015.  Between playing 80-100 shows per year, Sunshine Riot are ramping up to release Lonely Hotel, which features  vocal work from Carl Smitty Smooth and Malyssa Bellarossa and soulful horn work from Collin C. Larkin. 

The band have toured extensively, opening for national acts like Deer Tick, and  will continue spilling drinks and making impressions throughout the fall. Keep an eye out for more from Sunshine Riot, “one of the most remarkable live acts Boston has produced in a long, long time" (The Nashville Observer).

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