Wednesday, October 10, 2018

New roots music releases..Suzie Vinnick, Steve Dawson, Samantha Martin and Delta Sugar, Jay Kipps Band

You don’t have to travel far into Suzie Vinnick’s catalogue of music to know you have found something singular and unforgettable.

Hailing from Saskatoon and now settled in Ontario’s Niagara Region, Suzie is one of those rare performers who knows when to deliver the vocal knock-out and when to pull back to a whisper, bending notes and phrases that tiptoe across your heart. Even her humming is like a warm caress.

Singing is like sleeping and breathing for me. If you can’t sing with feeling, you can’t move people.” She performs with a warmth and generosity that makes her at home on your best friend’s front porch or under the lights of the National Arts Centre.

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Award-winning musician and producer Steve Dawson releases his 8th album, “Lucky Hand”.  “Lucky Hand” represents a high point of more than two decades of musical searching. Comprised of ten stunning new finger-style and slide guitar-based instrumentals, performed alongside an incredible string quartet, or in solo and duo formats, Dawson has never released music as sweepingly dynamic or visually suggestive as this.

Enlisting his old partner, Jesse Zubot, to create complementary and adventurous arrangements for his guitar excursions, these completely realized compositions – with Zubot’s orchestration adding colour to the sepia-tinged melodies – represent Dawson’s finest recording yet. 2018 marks the 20 years since the debut of Zubot and Dawson, and their collaborations never cease to inspire.

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Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar’s latest recording is entitled “Run to Me”. Produced by Darcy Yates (Bassist in Bahamas), the new album explores the full range of the vicissitudes of love: desire, betrayal and, at times, emotional and sexual satisfaction. The lyrics are incisive, the melodies are constantly arresting and the harmonies and arrangements call up the best of the soul sounds of Stax Records and such contemporary artists as Leon Bridges, Sharon Jones, and Lee Fields.

Samantha Martin and Delta Sugar’s debut release, 2015’s Send the Nightingale, was a stripped down affair consisting of Martin, her two co-singers Sherie and Stacie, and guitarist Mikey McCallum. For Run to Me, Martin elected to record her emotionally wrought material with an expanded band, augmenting the core of Delta Sugar’s gospel-infused harmonies with a full rhythm section, piano, organ and an ever-so-soulful horn section.

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Somewhere between bluegrass and the blues there's some nice blue surf, with spaghetti western between the waves. That's where you'll find the Jay Kipps Band's brand of new-roots, Americana music with killer harmonica, a funky rhythm section and tasty guitar tones.

A blues/Americana band that fans describe as more blues than country and more roots than grass. The Jay Kipps Band presents a powerful, groovy rhythm section, unique, tasteful guitar tones, passionate lead harmonica and killer vocals, all skillfully combined to create a sound that is unmistakably unique and enjoyable for all.

How To Polish Your Longhorns is the band’s impressive, full-length debut offering, showcasing the band’s ability to blend multiple genres into a cohesive recording - "effortlessly pushing the boundaries of traditional blues into a modern, Americana landscape."

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