Friday, September 28, 2018

Alt country, folk/americana, blues artists Max Caddy, Ferentz & The Felons, No Dry County and Jackie Venson

With so much cool music being submitted I will be doing some multi-posts in an attempt to keep up with them and get some exposure out there. Take some time to check these artists further and visit their relevant pages and videos...enjoy the music....Marty


Acoustic blues/Americana duo, Max Caddy recently release “Who You Are to Me” from their new EP, Straight to the Face,  Comprised of singer Corina Corina and guitarist Jesse O’Neill, both have had bustling solo careers. "Who You Are to Me" is a 12-bar blues shuffle for the modern era. The duo playfully trades verses about missed signals and frustrations with a tinge of apathy toward a long-burning torch that hasn't quite burned out yet. The recorded guest instrumentation is a first for Max Caddy as it strives to recapture its collaborative live sound. 

stream and download EP here:


NJ-based alt/folk rock band, Ferentz and the Felons announce the release of “Hudson County,” title track from their new album.  The title song/video, “Hudson County”  is inspired by founder, Zak Ferentz’s tough upbringing  in the projects of Hudson County.  Alternative Nation declares,, “...if you weren't hooked by the strong verse, explosive chorus or subtle yet impactful guitar solo, as the track ends you will be completely sucked into ’Hudson County.’” 

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Americana folk-rock band No Dry County (better known as NDC) and the new tracks,  "Elvis Gun Runner" and "Sheep in Wolves Clothing" (feat. Brandy Zdan)  from their new album, Panhandle Music.  Taste of Country says, " it's almost certainly the only song of its kind you'll hear this year .... or possibly, ever."  “I'm not sure how many bands there are that I hear that sound like early Bruce. I'm talking pre-Born in the U.S.A.. I mean straight out of "Welcome to Asbury Park" years. Lubbock, Texas roots rockers No Dry County are the closest things I've heard in years to that sort of sound.” (Baeble)

official website:


Austin-born, soul/pop guitarist/vocalist, Jackie Venson, recently released ​videos for "Only Have You" via The 405 and , "Don't Lie to  Me" via Soulbounce, and "Rollin and Tumblin" via Popmatters,  follow ups to her EP Transcends (9/30/17). Jackie was hand-picked by NPR as a "Tiny Desk Entries We Love."  She also received the honor of being incorporated in a mural celebrating Black History Month, painted on the East Side of Austin.  "With today's modern rock overrun by formulaic pop-rock choruses, purposeless guitar solos, and desperate electronic bass integrations, Venson sets fire to the faux-rock sounds plaguing the airwaves. With veracity and candor, she has been winning fans over left and right through heartfelt lyrics, a powerful voice and unapologetic guitar work"

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