Monday, September 17, 2018

Introducing Robert R. Thurman, artist, musician, poet and purveyor of acoustic blues

Robert R.Thurman was born January 5, 1965 in a small rural town in south east Tennessee. He was 12 years old when he first heard Jimi Hendrix, an event which inspired him to become a vocalist and performer, rather than immediately inspiring him to play guitar. At age 14, Robert started his first band, and the following years were spent performing in a succession of rock bands as a vocalist. Then at age 21, he heard the album "Surfing with the Alien" by Joe Satriani and the madness began. He learned the basics first, chord progressions, scales, and etc. and then honed his shredding abilities by utilizing every spare moment for practice.

A sudden health crisis changed the direction of Robert's life and music forever, leaving him primarily housebound and captive within his own home for three years. Instead of focusing on the things he couldn't do, he concentrated on the things that had always been his passion and refuge, and one of those things was music. This time of trial ultimately steered Randy's music towards the blues; one man with one guitar on a journey.

Marty's review: Robert R.Thurman has released music in several different genres, one of them being a collection of acoustic blues numbers including "John the Revelator", "Crossroads", "Hellhound On My Trail" and "Blues This Morning". Take some time out and have a listen to his output, you will certainly like what you hear.


Thursday, September 13, 2018

John Clifton Blues Band album release "Nightlife"...authentic purveyors of vintage blues, soul and rock ’n’ roll

Internationally known from coast to coast, John Clifton and his band are authentic purveyors of vintage blues, soul, and rock ’n’ roll. In the greatest traditions of the genre, John and the boys dig deep and play passionately, and understand the importance of backing up their solid playing with an entertaining stage show. His new album, "Nightlife," out now on RipCat Records, contains 12 killer tracks that guarantee to rock the foundations.

Dressed to kill and with razor sharp performances to match, The John Clifton Blues Band delivers the goods both in their recordings and highly energetic live performances. This is a band who’s at its peak with no intention of slowing down.


Marty's review: This release is a masterful production of powerful blues and soul roots with aplomb and passion. A finely-calibrated line-up supporting John  Clifton's stratospheric vocals and harmonica playing, it's a combination of blues covers and originals that are reliably-solid and exhilarating. The talent and musical craftsmanship show on all levels which makes it a breath-taking and flawless experience from start to finish.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Singer-songwriter David Williams recent release "Tipping My Hat to Leonard"..eclectic mix of folk, blues and more

An eclectic mix of music covering rock, folk, blues, gypsy jazz, Americana, and more, "Tipping My Hat to Leonard" features a variety of bold, captivating instruments and arrangements with a wide array of influences and vocal styles. A collection of 16 songs, from the title one dedicated to Leonard Cohen to songs of love and heartbreak, to humorous songs, to songs of hope and wonder

David Williams writes literary songs that tell stories and capture the many facets of life and love through the genres Americana, folk, blues, and gypsy jazz. He brings a poet's eye, dirt and grit, and insights into the human condition with his songs, working in the vein of songwriters he's admired (such as John Prine, Tom Waits, Randy Newman, Leonard Cohen).  

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Friday, September 7, 2018

The Keeshea Pratt Band new album release "Believe"..musical collective reminiscent of old school Motown

In January 2018, The Keeshea Pratt Band secured first place in the Band Division for the 34th Annual International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee. The polished, professional, soul-stirring, toe-tapping performances assured the judges that the band is primed to headline major festivals and concert stages as a noteworthy authority on the blues scene, nationally and internationally.

The Houston-based, award-winning Keeshea Pratt Band possesses skill and artistry reminiscent of old school Motown, a rarity among bands of any genre today. The eight-piece musical collective lends its energy and passion to traditional and contemporary blues and also offers a preview of the future of blues. The artistry and dexterity of The Keeshea Pratt Band allows it to journey unapologetically across the genres of classical, jazz, Southern rock, soul, gospel and country, and back again.

Keeshea Pratt is the siren featured on the microphone with soaring and soulful lead Mississippi inspired vocals. She is supported by a talented and diverse group of singers and musicians representing five states (Texas, California, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi) and Japan. Trumpeter Misaki Nishidate is nestled between Dan Carpenter (saxophone) and James Williams III (trumpet) in a three-piece horn section that produces thrilling chorded in-sync rhythms that rival those of big bands. Brian Sowell (lead guitar/vocals) and Nick Fishman (drums) play vital roles in the group, while Shawn Allen (bass) serves as music director, channeling the dynamic energies of this well-oiled musical juggernaut.

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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Country Blues artist Tracy Merle debut album release "Here I Stand"..retro styled mono recording of original tunes

Designed as an homage to early sixties country and blues recordings, "Here I Stand" is the debut album from Tracy Merle. Staunchly rooted in the past, the recording is mono and the style is proudly retro. This is music for people who remember.

Marty's review: In these modern times of digital technology and studio productions that can seem a little over-produced, it is so refreshing to listen to an album that sounds like it has come from the past but still has that contemporary touch. Tracy Merle's impressive debut has everything one would ask for in an album that is listenable from start to finish. A mix of very stylish blues guitar licks, a solid back beat, Tracy's harmonically-rich vocals and clever songwriting, the 11 original tracks each shine and flow from one to the next in a cohesive style that makes for an enjoyable listening experience. Fans of retro style as well as contemporary roots music will more than appreciate this collection of lush and seductive tunes. Favorite tracks are the country-blues of "Never Quite Got Over You", the 60's style of "Love At First Sight" and the rocking "My Time". 

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Monday, September 3, 2018

Blues Guitarist Artur Menezes 4th album release "Keep Pushing"..traditional blues with mastery and respect

Winner of the Gibson/Albert King Award for Best Guitarist and third-place winner in the Band Category at the 2018 International Blues Challenge, Artur Menezes is a high-octane guitarist whose passion and emotion electrify crowds. Based in Los Angeles, the Brazilian artist is releasing his fourth album, "Keep Pushing."

Artur plays traditional blues with mastery and respect, augmenting his sound with modern blues and creative applications of other genres. He was a lead educator about blues in his native Brazil, where he co-founded the Casa De Blues society, gave TED talks on the music, and helped organize weekly blues concerts. He enhanced his knowledge and skill during stints living in Chicago, where he jammed with the likes of Buddy Guy, John Primer and Linsey Alexander, among others, in legendary clubs including Kingston Mines, Smokey Daddy and Katheria’s.

In Brazil, Artur stood at the top of the blues music scene, headlining festivals, sharing the stage with Joe Satriani for a crowd of 20,000, and opening Buddy Guy's South American 2012 tour in Brazil. Soon his fame spread through the Latin world, with tours of Mexico and Argentina. Europe followed, with a headlining spot at Estonia’s August Blues Festival and a tour of the U.K. In the U.S., Artur has opened for Grammy-winning Bobby Rush in L.A. and tied for top honors among more than 2000 artists from around the world competing for a place to play with Eric Clapton at the Crossroads Guitar Festival, one of the world’s largest guitar festivals. Most recently, he was featured on JITV HQ Los Angeles’s Jam in the Van; other featured artists have included Gary Clark Jr. and Marcus King.

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