Friday, August 10, 2018

Kid Ramos returns with new album "Old School" on Rip Cat'll drive you wild!

Kid Ramos returns with a new album titled "Old School," out on Rip Cat Records. We'll let Kid himself tell you about it:

"A lot has happened since the last record, 'Greasy Kid Stuff,' in 2001. Since then I've fathered two small boys into young men, beat cancer ... it's been about 17 years. I figured it was about the right time to put out a blues record. My youngest son Johnny has joined the family business. This is his singing debut, and he was only 17 at the time of the recording. I'm excited to still be playing guitar, and I'm happy that people still want to see and hear me and haven't thrown any rocks at me yet.

"This album was made in two days at Big Jon Atkinson's home studio in Hayward, California. It was recorded live to tape on two tracks using all analog equipment, vintage microphones, and the brilliant technique of Jon's recording. The album includes the expert playing of Kedar Roy on bass, Marty Dodson on drums, Bob Welsh on piano/organ, Danny Michel on second guitar, the great Johnny Tucker on vocals, and the legendary Kim Wilson performing vocals on one song."

Marty's review: Kid Ramos returns with an album consisting of several original songs plus some classic, traditional numbers that have been given the Kid Ramos treatment. Recorded on analog equipment, this collection of back to roots style tracks will take you on a musical journey of raw, rocking blues that will certainly have you doing the hip shake (and any other form of dance you can think of!). Repeated plays are guaranteed. The Kid is back, in a big way!

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