Friday, May 25, 2018

Kurt Stifle and the Swing Shift official video for "Swampee"...a colorful and fun romp

Kurt Stifle and the Swing Shift bring a collection of unruly swamp monsters to life in the music video for their rootsy blues-infused rock single "“Swampee.”

Directed by Angelus Tamerlane Baily, “Swampee” takes you on a  psychedelic trip with germy little swamp creatures as they rock n’ roll their way through the polluted rivers and slimy pipes of Los Angeles. The band of misfits jam to the energetic blues-infused rock track as they float through muddy, trash infested waters. The colorful, off-kilter visual lends itself to the story of Swampee, a devil that wanders the criminal underbelly of the Los Angeles river in search of souls to corrupt. Wrapped up in killer set design, kaleidoscopic graphics, and some seriously hard rockin’ hand puppets, “Swampee” is an unexpected and entirely enjoyable visual ride.

Also check out their new album The Pilgrims' Guide to the River of Salvation

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