Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Singer-songwriter Crystal Shawanda new album release Voodoo Woman...soulful and rootsy

Recently released is the amazing new album VooDoo Woman from award-winning blues belter Crystal Shawanda

With an impressive array of awards and accolades, thousands of concerts to rapturous audiences throughout North America under her belt, and a remarkable recording pedigree to her credit, Crystal Shawanda still struggled mightily for many years to find her place within the music industry.  

A Juno Award-winning singer/songwriter whose soulful, rootsy sound has allowed for a nearly seamless bridging of the traditional country and blues worlds, Shawanda’s unique aboriginal cultural background has left her feeling like an outsider at times. But that search may be at an end, as the process of creating her latest album, the cathartic, bold and refreshingly authentic VooDoo Woman, the talented Shawanda not just coming to terms with her unique place in the industry, but embracing and truly celebrating it.  

VooDoo Woman stands as an example of an artist who has truly found her voice, and it is a voice that is rich, powerful, charming and intimately real. She has captured the blues with her rendition of these timeless songs and thrown in a couple of her own unique and powerful original tunes as well.  

Crystal Shawanda is reminiscent of a time gone by. She will make you feel every word with a powerful voice that never fails, pure and gritty at the same time. 

official website: http://crystalshawanda.co/

Marty's review: Crystal Shawanda takes classic blues numbers, injects them with fire and soul, mixes in a steamroller attack of instrumentation and delivers with her raspy, belter vocals that shake the foundations and leave you breathless. Her take on standards like "Hound Dog", "Ball and Chain" and "Wang Dang Doodle" are done in her own punchy, take no prisoners style which gives them a new lease of life.

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