Monday, March 26, 2018

Little Freddie King live album release "You Make My Night" blues from New Orleans

Little Freddie King is a country-style blues musician, links to an era when live music poured from the back-of-town nightclubs that were ubiquitous throughout New Orleans’ African-American neighborhoods, fostering a musical subculture of down home Mississippi blues that developed from the ground up in New Orleans. He is also one of the few survivors and the last of what has become a footnote to the Great Migration of Southern blacks: the Mississippi country bluesmen like Boogie Bill Webb, Jewell “Babe” Stovall, and Arzo Youngblood who carried their tradition farther south rather than north. He is also a cousin of Lighting Hopkins.

 “YOU MADE MY NIGHT” (MWR72) 2017 is Little Freddie King’s way of saying “thank you” to his rowdy and enthusiastic audience after one of his classic low down dirty blues performances. The album was recorded live at “The World-Famous D.B.A Music Club” in New Orleans, La. The songs are a mixture of originals and four of his favorites from his blues friends. The recording is a “time-capsule” featuring eleven tracks of authentic “juke-joint” style music in which perfect pitch and well-tuned guitars just don’t matter. He’s got a rough Mississippi roots electric sound with a New Orleans edge. His brand of the blues is moonshine dripping from the backyard porch, still made from the remnants of the Delta farm he was raised, until jumping a train to New Orleans. His sound is harsh, dirty and powerfully authentic.

Marty's review: Little Freddie King plays a collection of classic blues numbers in this live setting that captures his style of blues the way it should be heard, loud, dirty and no frills. Just imagine yourself standing in this crowd of raucous admirers and "getting down" to traditional blues and soaking it all in. Enjoy!


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