Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Americana Blues Duo Screamin' John and TD Lind's "Big Bad Coraline" from new album "Gimme More Time"

Screamin’ John Hawkins and T.D. Lind take their game up a notch with their first collaboration in two decades, the new album Gimme More Time. The album was recorded live over three days at La La Land Studios with a roster of friends and former bandmates. The familiarity of the musicians with one another resulted in a hard edged sound that imbues the blues with the raw energy of early Rock 'n’ Roll.

Lind is originally from England. He relocated to America in 1991 to pursue music. In the late 90's, he fronted the Louisville band Edenstreet, which featured Screamin’ John Hawkins and Chuck Mingis on guitars along with bassist Jeff Crane and drummer Paul Culligan. Edenstreet disbanded after its record label, A&M, was sold to Universal Music Group. Lind pursued a solo career while Hawkins, Crane, and Culligan ended up playing in the Predators.

Gimme More Time was originally conceived as a Screamin’ John Hawkins solo album. He recruited Crane, Culligan and harmonica player Joel Pinkerton for the project. Then he got the idea to bring in Lind. “I am generally not a fan of albums by guitar players who don’t sing,” Hawkins confessed. “Tim seemed like a good solution to the problem. There was never any bad blood between any of us. When Edenstreet disbanded, he was on a work visa so he had to go back to England. We always enjoyed playing together.”

Marty's review: these guys play the blues like there's no tomorrow; down the middle, straight to the punch with a dirty feel that grabs you and shakes you around until your head is spinning. The album is a knockout and was recorded "live" in the studio over three days. The sound that comes out is from a bunch of seasoned professionals that love what they play and ain't scared to lay it all up front for you. A big thumbs up from me!