Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Leonard Griffie new album release "Better Late Than No Time Soon"...compelling contemporary blues

What's the winning recipe for a compelling contemporary blues album? Start with an artist firmly grounded in the blues. An artist who is also a prolific songwriter, blues guitar master, and a unique and engaging singer. Add to the traditional blues a generous helping of old school Rhythm and Blues, a big cup of Soul, a dash of Jazz. Then make sure all these delicious ingredients are put together in just the right mix, with the right musicians to properly enhance the final blend. 

"Better Late Than No Time Soon" is the result of exactly this recipe. With this effort, Leonard Griffie and a highly talented group of players has created a new album that manages to be both fresh, yet simultaneously traditional. The songs display impressive range. From soulful ballad to smoky R&B to foot stompin' shuffle. Truly the culmination of a lifetime of blues.

Marty's review: just the title alone would make you sit up and take notice of this latest release by seasoned blues man Leonard Griffie. With all the essential elements it takes to produce a super cool blues album, from stinging guitar to hot R'n'B, soul and some good old fashion foot stomping, the talent and years of experience of this artist shine through. 

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