Saturday, October 14, 2017

Singer-Songwriter Phil Lomac new release "Northern Cities Southern Stars"...folk roots with rock'n'roll

Phil Lomac combines his heaviest folk influences with the raw power of Rock'n' Roll and the faintest 80's tinge, for a sound that is endlessly charming and deep. His composition takes notes from classic rockers like Tom Petty and Queen with its free, refreshing form and attention to narrative. His newest release, "Northern Cities Southern Stars" is a must listen.

Phil's musical roots trace back to the cold war era Berlin in which grew up. The city is and always has been a cultural melting pot, unique unto itself. Permeated by musicians and artists from all corners of the globe the creative energy was magnetic and inescapable, igniting a spark that would set off his lifelong pursuit into music and shape his eclectic approach to the craft. 

Over the years Lomac has been equally comfortable performing as a singer/songwriter in coffee houses as he has been pounding out ear-splitting guitar riffs in rock'n'roll honky tonks and dive bars. “Northern Cities Southern Stars” is Lomac’s third official release and his most attentive in terms of production and song arrangement and features an eclectic mash-up of genres, including indie rock, pop, folk and roots music, without compromising the characteristics Lomac is known for: solid songwriting matched to lyrics that have power and genuine depth.

"His songs shine with a certain clarity of thought and expression. Solid songwriting and arrangements are matched to lyrics that have power and genuine depth. Phil's songs always have a backbone. Dig a little deeper and there is always a little more underneath." -Indie Darkroom

MusiciansPhil Lomac; lead/backing vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, banjo guitar, percussion
Styles: Alternative Folk Rock, Rootsy Folk Rock, Indie Rock, Americana Rock
Similar To: Wilco, Elliott Smith, Teenage Fanclub, Apples in Stereo, Tom Petty, Nick Cave
Location: Charlotte, NC / US

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