Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Hamilton Loomis new release "BASICS"...funk, soulful blues-rock and a special mission

Hamilton Loomis does indeed go back to basics on his new album, which is his most personal and emotional effort to date. Gone are the double entendres for which Loomis is known; this time, his lyrics are direct, personal, and often autobiographical. The “basics” theme runs through the entire CD, in its lyrics (“Prayer,” “Cloudy Day”), single-chord progressions (“Sugar Baby," "Looking Into a Dream”), simple melodies (“Come and Get Me”), and stripped-down instrumentation of guitar, bass and drums (“Reason," "Getting So Big”).

Still, Loomis’s trademark deep-grooved funk and soulful blues-rock is definitely present. “I wanted this record to be more stripped-down. Even the CD jacket is black and white and pretty basic itself," he says of the disc, which features songwriting collaborations with Grammy-award winning songwriter/ producer/bassist Tommy Sims, co-writer of Eric Clapton's “Change the World." Loomis’ 2013 album “Give It Back” showed his pay-it-forward attitude of passing on knowledge to young, up-and-coming musicians, just as his mentors (notably Houston’s Joe Hughes, Johnny Copeland and rock icon Bo Diddley) once did for him. On "Basics," Loomis continues the tradition by featuring several of his young protégées, and finishes the record with a jam session by some of his favorite Houston-area youngsters, whose ages range from 13 to 16.

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Loomis is also on a mission to raise awareness about hyperinsulinism (HI), a rare disease that causes low blood sugar. His 3-year-old son was diagnosed with the life-threatening condition in 2015, and Loomis dedicates Basics' opening track, “Sugar Baby,” to Congenital Hyperinsulinism International (, an organization that heads research on the disease, educates doctors and hospitals, and supports families affected by the disease. “They call HI kids 'sugar babies,' so I wanted to write a song in appreciation for all they do for families all over the world,” Loomis says.

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Friday, October 27, 2017

Finnish roots artist Dave Forestfield new solo album "Nobody's World"..blues roots with boogie

Finnish roots artist Dave Forestfield won The Best Film Score Award at Defy Film Festival, Nashville, TN in Oct 2016 for his music in the short film Body Language Zone. 2015 Finnish Blues Awards gave him Song of The Year Award for I Believe The Change Will Come, a song from his previous solo album Loyal Till The bitter End.

Nobody's World is Forestfield's 7th solo album. "I think this 14 song album is more a band record than any of my previous albums. It's funny in a way because it's just me and the drummer plus some quests here and there. There's lots of overdubbed guitar and bass in every song, but basically it's just drums and my singer/songwriter piano."

"Often there's been some kind of theme on my records or at least in my head when writing the songs. If I should name some theme this time, I think it could be the trinity of hypocrisy, populism and double standards and the satisfying feel of power it gives to some of us... mixed with some Boogie Woogie, of course!"

Music video Lazy Days and Lazy Nights was released in June and the 2nd video from the album Me and My Bible (We're The Devil) is out now.

All songs written by Dave Forestfield.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Canadian songwriter Rob Lutes new album release "Walking In the Dark"..blues, folk and Americana

On his seventh album, acclaimed Canadian songwriter Rob Lutes does what he has done for years: kicks up a little dust, wades into some deep waters and tackles the realities of the world with depth, humor and a unique musical style.

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Situated at the intersection of the blues, folk, Americana and contemporary singer-songwriter genres, "Walk in the Dark" is an exquisite collection of songs that highlight Lutes’s unmistakable voice and literary writing style. Co-produced with celebrated Montreal producer and Cirque de Soleil collaborator Rob Heaney, the album features a group of Canada's finest roots and blues players, including guitarist Rob MacDonald and keyboardist Bob Stagg along with noted artists Ian Kelly, Guy Bélanger and Joe Grass. It finds Lutes, a Kerrville New Folk winner, Maple Blues and Canadian Folk Music Awards nominee, exploring a wide range of subjects and paying homage to some heroes: James Cotton (on "There's No Way to Tell You That Tonight") and guitarist Joseph Spence (on the instrumental "Spence").

Recorded mainly over three days in late January in a small studio in Montreal's Notre Dame de Grace borough, the recording captures the essence of Lutes' soulful voice and rhythmic guitar style, enveloped by a group of players who are no stranger to his groove. Featuring 12 new originals, including two co-writes with award-winning Americana songwriter Dale Boyle, and the forgotten John Prine gem "Rocky Mountain Time," the album digs deep into the roots of Canadian and American music and delivers another strong statement. "This album, of all of them, was a journey into the unknown, which is why I like the title so much," Lutes says. "With a great co-producer, and a group of phenomenal players and friends, I went in to the studio to find these songs. And I really feel like we did that."

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Lonnie Leo releases second single "Painted Things"

"I wrote this song in a season of life when I felt incapable of genuinely connecting with other people, even some of the people closest to me. It can be a lot easier sometimes to just make people laugh and handle your life on your own. But it sucks. We're designed to lift one another up and help each other grow. I wrote this song about that and it's called "Painted Things"."...Lonnie Leo

Stream the track on Soundcloud HERE

Lonnie Leo fell in love with great songs at a very young age. Via 90's radio country artists like Shania Twain, Martina McBride and John Michael Montgomery, LL was immersed into a world that would eventually prove to have had honed his instinct and equipped his heart for a lifetime of writing. He played guitar leisurely in high school, even though he was forming his own taste in music finding artists like Wilco, Bob Dylan, Parkway Drive (one of these things is not like the, but didn't really dive into learning music until his sophomore year of college in Chicago. Surrounded by proficient gospel musicians and the Chicago scene as a whole, those first years were so formative and after a year of living the barista/musician life out of college, Lonnie was able to make music a full-time career. He recorded his debut album "Painted Things" in 2016-2017 and is releasing singles off it now. LL moved to Nashville from Chicago in June of 2017 to pursue songwriting and is booking solo acoustic and full band shows in both cities while writing his next album. 

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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Singer-Songwriter Phil Lomac new release "Northern Cities Southern Stars"...folk roots with rock'n'roll

Phil Lomac combines his heaviest folk influences with the raw power of Rock'n' Roll and the faintest 80's tinge, for a sound that is endlessly charming and deep. His composition takes notes from classic rockers like Tom Petty and Queen with its free, refreshing form and attention to narrative. His newest release, "Northern Cities Southern Stars" is a must listen.

Phil's musical roots trace back to the cold war era Berlin in which grew up. The city is and always has been a cultural melting pot, unique unto itself. Permeated by musicians and artists from all corners of the globe the creative energy was magnetic and inescapable, igniting a spark that would set off his lifelong pursuit into music and shape his eclectic approach to the craft. 

Over the years Lomac has been equally comfortable performing as a singer/songwriter in coffee houses as he has been pounding out ear-splitting guitar riffs in rock'n'roll honky tonks and dive bars. “Northern Cities Southern Stars” is Lomac’s third official release and his most attentive in terms of production and song arrangement and features an eclectic mash-up of genres, including indie rock, pop, folk and roots music, without compromising the characteristics Lomac is known for: solid songwriting matched to lyrics that have power and genuine depth.

"His songs shine with a certain clarity of thought and expression. Solid songwriting and arrangements are matched to lyrics that have power and genuine depth. Phil's songs always have a backbone. Dig a little deeper and there is always a little more underneath." -Indie Darkroom

MusiciansPhil Lomac; lead/backing vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, banjo guitar, percussion
Styles: Alternative Folk Rock, Rootsy Folk Rock, Indie Rock, Americana Rock
Similar To: Wilco, Elliott Smith, Teenage Fanclub, Apples in Stereo, Tom Petty, Nick Cave
Location: Charlotte, NC / US

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Blues multi-instrumentalist/singer Trevor Sewell new release "Calling Nashville"..An Americana Adventure

Five years, five albums, six American tours, 17 international awards, and guest appearances from the likes of Janis Ian, Tracy Nelson (Mother Earth), Paul Barrere (Little Feat) Vickie Carrico, and Sean O’Bryan Smith (Keith Urban, Kenny Rogers, Lady Antebellum), the new album from Trevor Sewell, "Calling Nashville," produced by Geoff Wilbourn at the iconic Sound Emporium Studios in Nashville, is currently smashing down the barriers between contemporary blues and Americana, with dates already set for 2018 in Europe and the United States.

After spending many years as a session musician, Trevor decided to go it alone, rapidly establishing himself as one of the great emerging guitar talents, and gaining legions of fans in the process. In the U.S., his first album, "Calling Your Name," reached Number 1 on the American Blues Scene chart, where it stayed for seven weeks. His songs have since appeared on more than twenty compilations, alongside Robert Johnson, B.B. King, and Bruce Springsteen.

Trevor, who hails from the U.K., is one of the most-played blues artists on the UK’s official IBBA Radio Chart for two consecutive years now. He has also performed in the second and third annual The Soirée in Los Angeles during Grammy® Week, in sold-out shows at the Whisky A Go Go and the El Rey Theatre.

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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Lew Jetton and 61 South new release "Palestine Blues" on Coffee Street Records..raw and emotional

"Palestine Blues", the new album from Lew Jetton and 61 South, is a personally poignant and sometimes brutal memoir of a 10 year period in Jetton's life which included struggles with alcohol, drugs, depression, joblessness, frustration and a spiritual tug of war.

Lew Jetton says, “Palestine is the community in which I live but it's also a place of historic significance for being sacred, while at the same time, a place of conflict. That's kind of where I have been for years. I know a lot of blues is happy and uplifting. This is not. I'm OK with that. I wanted it to be real blues, in the emotional sense, and that's what 'Palestine Blues' is.”

"Palestine Blues" is pure emotion. Recorded 3 piece, for the most part, with just Lew on guitar, with bass and drums, so the essence of the songs could show through. No posing. Just the raw feeling, so you really can feel the frustration, the helplessness, the anger, the sadness, that are a way of life for so many today. It follows on the heels of Lew Jetton and 61South's 2016 release Rain, which spent more than 6 months of the Roots Music Report's Contemporary Blues Chart, receiving extensive airplay worldwide and finishing #36 in their year end list of all the Top 200 releases.

Official website:

What They're Saying...

Very original. Very dark. Think Gary Clark Jr meets Townes Van Zandt. Maybe the most REAL blues I've heard in a long time, because it deals with real life
and real problems so many of us are facing today. Not a bunch of superficial BS. It's about real pain. The problems the working families and working poor are
dealing with. This one tells it straight “in your face.” Luke Williams, WKYQ

I've played him on my shows in the past, but this CD takes it up another explosive notch!! “ Cap'n Barney, MAYFLOWER HILL BLUES, WMHB

A powerful collection combining creative original lyrics and instrumentation with traditional and contemporary blues themes.....gets better every time I play it!” Brion Foster, KYRS

Monday, October 2, 2017

Laura Rain and The Caesars release 4th album "Walk With Me"...vintage R'n'B and Detroit soul and blues

Detroit’s own Laura Rain and The Caesars have been putting a lot of miles on their Ford V8 motor the past couple years. After releasing their third album (Gold in 2015), the band has continued their heavy touring schedule performing everywhere from Paris, France to San Francisco, CA bringing their unique Motor City funky soul to a new audience.

The band have just released their fourth album of original Motor City Soul-Blues-R&B. Walk With Me is Laura Rain’s best work to date. A delightful trip through funky dance tunes, hard hitting vintage R&B, and lowdown Detroit soul and blues. Recorded to tape (mostly live) with organ and horns driving the beat, Laura Rain again demonstrates she is a unique and powerful singer with authenticity and presence.

Raised downriver Detroit, Laura Rain sings with exceptional skill and power. She thrives on hard work, dedication and resolve. Her ability to deliver her own songs with fearless emotion and excitement while performing is genuine, and startling to witness. When she met her band mate (now husband) George Friend, the two shared a interest in creation. The pair have recorded their latest album at Magnetic Recording in Pontiac MI. Walk with Me is a continuation of their locally grown original vintage r&b, delivering the band’s hard-hitting soul and modern juke-joint blues. From the driving Motown beat and stinging guitar of the title track, to the 80's dance funk of “Pleasure Zone,” Laura Rain uses her voice to engage the listener from sexy provocation, and a call to arms.

Find out more on the official website:

download FREE album liner notes HERE