Saturday, September 9, 2017

Bruce Mississippi Johnson debut album release "The Deal Baby"...old school blues and soul

‘’The Deal Baby’’ is the debut album from Bruce Mississippi Johnson. It consists of 12 original songs each providing a contemporary combination of ol’ school blues and soul delivered by Bruce’s unmistakable bass baritone voice. The album was recorded at Studio Davout and Studio De La Reine in Paris, France. It was auto produced by Bruce and Johan Dalgaard and mixed by Grammy Award winning mixer Veronica Ferraro at Super Sonic scale studios in France. 

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Born in Mississippi the heart of the musically fertile area that is America’s ‘deep south’, Bruce Johnson is a man who was born to sing. As a child in his grandfather’s church, and later, in the company of his father’s record collection he got the kind of musical education most folks can only dream about. Listening to soulful voices like Al Green, his cousin Jackie Wilson, Lou Rawls and Gil Scott Heron, Bruce discovered he could sing. 

Bruce has a voice of his own, one that straddles soul, blues and jazz, as at home singing the songs of Hendrix, Gil Scott Heron or BB King as he is with  his own heartfelt songs. On stages and in studios across Europe, Bruce Mississippi Johnson is a force to be reckoned with.

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