Friday, August 11, 2017

Bassist Joseph Veloz new release "Offerings"...multi-talented artist

OFFERINGS is a collection of songs that fully displays the musical talents possessed by bassist JOSEPH VELOZ. The material presented in OFFERINGS shows Joseph as a highly skilled bassist committed to deep grooves and strong song sensitivity and also his evolving composition, arranging and producing skills in multiple stylings/genres. Along with the original material composed by Joseph and other contributors, there are also excellent examples of Joseph's arranging and producing skills including fresh takes of some classic covers. Joseph has also comprised an impressive lineup of musicians and vocalists, consisting of both national and internationally renowned artists.

Joseph has been a touring bassist for well over 20 years. His travels have taken him throughout the United States, Sweden, Russia and most of Europe. Joseph has had the privilege to perform with such legendary artists as Lucky Peterson, Matt “Guitar” Murphy, Mississippi Heat, James Armstrong, Joanne Shaw Taylor, and many more.

Joseph's performing talents have not only been dedicated to touring,His discography has covered live Blues/Rock, Traditional Blues, Christian Blues/Rock, Americana and R'n'B.

"Joe is a musician's musician. He has an amazing ear and he can adapt to a variety of musical styles MASTERFULLY. Whether it be Chicago Blues, Swing, Reggae, Blues Rock, or Rhythm and Blues. When playing with Mississippi Heat, I marveled at his timing and fantastic bass contribution. His stage presence is also visually stunning." Pierre Lacocque Band Leader Mississippi Heat, Delmark Records

“Creative, fiery, and fierce, he'll deliver every time!” Greg Nagy Singer, Songwriter, Big O Records

“Joe Veloz has both the knowledge and versatility as a bass player to instinctually play the right part for the song, when either improvising live or tracking in the studio.” Pete Galanis Guitarist, Howard and The White Boys; Owner/Operator 3011 Recording Chicago, IL

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