Sunday, June 25, 2017

Polly O'Keary and The Rhythm Method "Black Crow Calling"...rocking blues with a touch of soul

Polly’s eclectic blues style reflects her colorful history. She grew up in a log cabin with no electricity or plumbing and began her music career a teen working bars in Mexico. At 19 she had a husband in prison and an 8th grade education. Twenty years later, she was a bassist for touring blues bands, playing a total of four continents, was one of the Pacific Northwest’s most highly awarded blues artists, and was working toward a Ph.D.

Her fourth album features the incendiary guitar work of California Central Coast legend David Miller, as well as the technical mastery of her long time world touring partner and drummer Tommy Cook.

“Polly is a powerful singer and an able songwriter who also plays bass with a fierce strength and a convincing tone.” -Blues Hour

“O'Keary is loaded with primal force even when she's taking it easy. Not anything near your stereotypical chick bass player, she's a leader all the way, not the window dressing. Hot stuff.” -Midwest Record

“Great songs played by an unbelievable band.” -A1 Blues

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Marty's review: Polly O'Keary delivers her style of blues with raunch, punch and touched with soul. A no nonsense, down the middle approach that has been honed over a number of years to produce an album that is polished yet still keeps a rawness that is essential when playing the blues. 10 all original penned tracks that deliver in all ways from Polly's earthy vocals and tight bass playing to her backing band's searing guitar licks and solid drum beats, this album is one of those that will leave you breathless.