Wednesday, May 10, 2017

New Jersey-based Danny Petroni new album release "Run,Mindy,Run"

Daniel (Danny) Petroni is a NJ-based songwriter/guitarist and leader of a highly creative and energetic hybrid rock-blues-jazz ensemble titled "The Blue Project".
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They have a new CD due out this spring/summer which will feature 10 new songs. It has been 3 years since their last record The Blue Project. Danny said.."these songs were written with the narrative view of a few characters I had met during a benefit concert for the homeless encampment in Lakewood New Jersey, called 'Tent City'."  

Danny's friend Jack Ballo has created a documentary film entitled “Destiny’s Bridge”. highlights American immigrant issues through the eyes of people whom have become homeless due to different gravity of event’s that touched their lives.

The record is Called ‘Run Mindy Run’. The first song “Run, Mindy, Run” is sung through the eyes of an Afghanistan vet, with PTSD. “Under the shadow of the crescent moon…”. Danny..."I used the Tuba instead of the bass on more than a few song on this record. I just love feel and sound of that instrument. The core of the Blue project, Ku-umba Frank Lacy vocals/Trombone, Gary Oleyar on violin and vocals and myself. We have many wonderful New Jersey and New York musicians. I also sing a few songs on the new album, Run, Mindy Run, Bubbles in the Wind and 28 Days."

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