Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mr Sipp, The Mississippi Blues Child, new album release "Knock a Hole in It"

Mr. Sipp, 'The Mississippi Blues Child," is the alter ego of gospel guitarist Castro Coleman. One of the hottest new names in the blues world, Mr. Sipp made his debut on Malaco Records in 2015, 

On this new release, prepare for twelve brand new tracks of furious fretwork, sizzling solos and vicious licks that have become the identifying features Sipp has built his name on. With this album he is bringing in a diverse landscape of sounds and concepts that is sure to be enjoyed by old fans of the Blues, while also attracting new ones. 

Castro Coleman was born in McComb, Mississippi, on August 25, 1976, and started playing guitar as a young child. Coleman recalls, "I was born a musician. Music was in my life from the moment I arrived; both of my parents were in singing groups and played some type of instrument. It's just a natural part of me." Early on he played in several gospel groups and later took a role behind the scenes playing on more than 50 gospel recordings while also learning the role of producer and honing his skills as a songwriter and entertainer.

Marty's review: Take a dose of Jimi Hendrix, add a dash of Lenny Kravitz, stir it through with some 60's style psychedelic soul, funk and blues and you have one of the most impressive album releases of this year. This man is a multi-talent and has put a lot of work in this album that shows on each of the 13 tracks. His guitar playing is a knockout as are his soulful vocals and the funky brass and tight rhythm sections more than compliment his original songs and delivery.

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