Monday, May 29, 2017

American blues guitarist Jon Zeeman new album release "Blue Room"

Jon Zeeman’s latest release, “Blue Room,” features eight new original songs along with great covers of Robert Johnson’s “Love in Vain” and Jimi Hendrix’s "Still Rainin’, Still Dreamin’.” 

The late, great drummer Butch Trucks joins Zeeman on two tracks on “Blue Room”: "All I Want Is You" and "Next to You.” Zeeman was a frequent collaborator of Trucks, having played in the original version of the legendary drummer's Freight Train Band and being invited by Trucks to play with The Allman Brothers Band at New York's famed Beacon Theatre. Zeeman also played with the great Susan Tedeschi in the early years of her career. 

“After playing 'Statesboro Blues' with The Allman Brothers and hearing the amazing shuffle that Butch pumped out, I always hoped I could get that on a recording of my own,” says Zeeman. “Luckily, that wish came together last year, and we were able to get Butch in the studio with us." Those two tracks are probably the last studio recordings Butch ever cut.

A little history: From the age of 8, Jon Zeeman has been obsessed with guitars, amplifiers, wah-wah pedals, power tubes, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones.

Growing up outside NYC, he studied classical piano and decided on a career in music at the ripe age of 13. Early jobs at IHop and other occupations taught him that the business world, or anything that required waking up early was not for him, and so he spent his high school years practicing more and more and doing less and less homework. After studying music at Ithaca College for 2 years, Jon left school to play on the road. In the mid 80's Jon moved to New York City and became involved in producing, session work and song writing, working at his "Studio Z" in a downtown loft. The New York years were punctuated by many trips to Scandinavia, where he toured and recorded with several groups. 

Jon began performing his own music in the mid 90's working regularly at the "55" Club and other downtown venues. Leaving NYC at the birth of his daughter, Zoe, Jon now resides in Martha's Vineyard and West Palm Beach Florida, where he performs regularly. He has toured, recorded and performed with such notables as Susan Tedeschi , Janis Ian, The Burns Sisters Band, Chris Spedding , and the Allman Brothers Band.

Zeeman will donate half of all money and royalties generated by “All I Want Is You” and “Next to You” to benefit Butch Trucks’ family and his charity, The Big House Museum in Macon, Georgia.

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"Really cool, solid melody and sweet guitar riffs." - Bman's Blues Report 

"Zeeman's guitar work is hard to describe ... he really has his own unique sound." - Concert Livewire

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Publicity: FRANK ROSZAK, KBA Awardee 2014

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