Monday, April 17, 2017

Johnny Mastro & Mama's Boys release “Never Trust The Living”...wall shaking blues

West Coast Blues with a Mama’s Boys Twist..

Johnny Mastro & Mama’s Boys have called New Orleans home for a few years but originally formed at LA’s famed blues club Babe’s & Ricky’s Inn and are named after that club's owner, Laura “Mama” Gross. It was there that she encouraged them to develop their own rough and raw style with one foot in tradition and one firmly planted in the present.

The record that starts with a laugh and ends with a spaceship landing! The Music Shed in the lower garden district of New Orleans, LA was the scene of the crime. The band recorded 78 takes of 27 songs over the course of two days and picked the 11 tracks that would best capture where the bands stands. Along with this "Old School" approach to recording, the record is fresh with a palate of lyrics that address subject matter from confederate generals & space visitation, to New Orleans' voodoo. Overall, they successfully struck an original note between traditional and progressive Blues music.

“They sound like sons of Mike Tyson”  OC Weekly

"Fascinatingly uncategorizable...cutting the line between Chicago juke and hipster club finer than it's been cut in years."  Robert Fontenot - Offbeat Magazine 

“This band is GREAT!”- Quint Davis NO Jazz Fest 

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Marty's review: If you like your blues on the "down and dirty" side then this album is for your ears. With bags of distorted guitars, wailing harmonica and a steady percussion all the way through, Johnny Mastro & Mama's Boys take traditional blues, add a bit of West Coast and New Orleans and deliver the blues right at your front door without knocking. With 9 original numbers plus Freddie King's "The Sad Night Owl" and their instrumental take on the traditional "House of the Rising Sun", this album is guaranteed to shake the walls and rattle the windows...please take care!

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