Monday, April 3, 2017

Bombay Beach Revival new release "The Devil There Beside You" blues-rock

Bombay Beach Revival" is the soul project of Daniel DeBlanke, a great composer and equally great singer.” - (France)

Already finding fans around the globe, BOMBAY BEACH REVIVAL is the soul
creation of producer and guitarist, Daniel DeBlanke. His latest single, “The Devil There Beside You,” is a protest-inspired timely knock at leadership—quickly turning a good thing bad, and a bold follow up to his 2016 album, Another Soul.

As Bombay Beach Revival, DeBlanke brings a fresh and honest take on guitar-driven blues and rock for fans of The Alabama Shakes, and Joe Bonamassa alike. A Sofar Sounds favorite, DeBlanke is currently performing in Los Angeles with his band, comprised of special guests from bands like Ella Vos, Hands, Western Bells and Robotanists.

Listen to “The Devil There Beside You” on Spotify, Apple Music, and everywhere else music is streaming worldwide.

Marty's take: this one just rocks, it's so hot it's cool, just take my word for it and have a listen.......

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