Friday, March 17, 2017

Detroit's Eliza Neals new release 10,000 Feet Below...gut-wrenching blues-rock with passion

"10,000 Feet Below" is spelunking the new depths of the blues with Eliza Neals as your fearless guide. Caverns of sound well up through Eliza's supernatural voice and piano driven songs, as Howard Glazer's guitar pierces the echo with honest tone, breaking and entering an abandoned temple of blues-rock left long ago, descending each rung carefully to uplift your musical soul. Producer Eliza Neals rigged the journey, surveyed then mapped the suffocating walls, while finding soulful keys through narrow fissures of sound.

Eliza Neals unflinchingly dives headfirst to underwater eyelets that only a skilled writer can reach -- falling lower to get washed up on golden grotto beaches, a new entrance to blues once left undiscovered.

Marty's review: Eliza Neals delivers her powerful blues-rock with soul and passion on this new 11 track release. 10 of the tracks are self-penned or co-written and her take on Skip James "Hard Killing Floor" is delivered in a piano driven style that even Skip himself would approve of. If you like your blues with raunch and fire then this album brings it to you with no holds barred and Eliza Neals' unique and gut-wrenching vocals will leave you breathless. 

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