Thursday, February 16, 2017

Detroit blues artist John Latini new album release "The Blues Just Makes Me Feel Good"

John Latini is a 3-time solo Detroit blues champion and award winning songwriter. He has won song writing awards and 2 film music awards for his compositions and recordings in 5 states. 

His first blues record "The Blues Just Makes Me Feel Good" is bursting with flavor and smart songs, mostly penned by himself. The blues champ growls, and in response the guitars and horns howl. In addition to being a serious craftsman of clever, literate songs, Latini is the purveyor of a slick, blues-soaked, economically hard-driving guitar style, but more than anything he’s an intense, incandescent performer, with an emotional, testosterone-charged voice. If this is what the blues feels like, then take a daily dose and enjoy.

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“Recalling the raspy, liquor-soaked growl of Tom Waits, Latini’s soulfully controlled vocals animate the stories of the songs. At once smooth and rough, his singing sounds alternately celebratory, remorseful, seductive and dangerous.” -The Ann Arbor Observer

Marty's review: I think the title of this album very much says it all. The blues are not there to bring you down but rather lift you up when you are down, and John Latini certainly achieves that on the 13 outstanding tracks on this album. John's up front and down to earth approach to his music is what makes this release shine. His songwriting has been honed down to a craft and skill where every lyric comes together to create a story that's makes you want to listen and his musicianship backs it up with some expert guitar playing and a strong, soulful voice.

Album is available for streaming and purchase now through Smokin Sleddog Records


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