Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Randy McAllister new album release "Fistful of Gumption"... a true blues-roots original

Randy McAllister is one of America’s true Blues-Roots originals and one of Texas’ most revered and critically acclaimed artists. He has been flying in the face of convention his whole career… no smoke, no mirrors, choreography or industry machines. One of the most talented blues men from Texas, Randy plays driving drums and world-class harmonica, writes incredible songs, and sings like no one else. 

Randy’s new release, Fistful of Gumption, once again features his current touring band, The Scrappiest Band in the Motherland, and is out now on Reaction Records.

Raised in the small Texas town of Novice, McAllister is a fifth generation Texan, whose father was both a fireman and a drummer in a band called The Flames. Randy followed in his footsteps from a very young age, but the drums were just the beginning. McAllister found the harmonica in his early 20’s while stationed in Massachusetts as a member of the USAF taking cues from Blue’s Legend “Earring George” Mayweather. By the time he returned to Texas in 1992, he was a strong, skillful harp player who was establishing his vocal and songwriting skills. In 1997, McAllister signed with JSP Records releasing three highly acclaimed CD’s before going on to issue recordings through Severn Records and Reaction Records. A true ambassador of East Texas music with a career spanning almost 30 years and 13 albums to his credit.

“McAllister is a skilled craftsman in the art of songwriting. He combines first-rate melo-dies with valued lyrics… a superbly soulful singer with an ample range who sings each song with a legitimate conviction.” Vivascene

“...genius at work… awesome vocals and the tastiest harp work heard in a long time” Blues Review Magazine

“One of the most uniquely talented songwriters and performers the blues currently has to offer.” Blues Bytes

“With and expressive vocal register falling somewhere between the soulful effervescence of Al Green and the blunt hammer of Johnny Taylor, a shrewd wit and admirable turn of a phrase, McAllister cements himself as a blues bard archetype.” Living Blues Magazine

“Rough hewn and wild at times, this is Texas blues the way it should be. This is real mu-sic, not conveyor belt blues.” Blueprint Magazine

“This is high energy East Texas roots music at its best. His music stirs the soul.”

North Padre Island Press

Randy McAllister

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