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Monday, November 28, 2016

Tom McCartney new EP release "Well Dressed Man"...bluesy rock'n'roll

Describing himself as "a bluesy rock 'n' roll artist with some country twang", Tom McCartney is a 17 year old, up and coming blues, country and rock 'n' roll artist from Nottingham, England. After 3 years of performing music, it has finally been announced that Tom will be releasing his debut EP, entitled "Well Dressed Man".

This is the future of the blues: young artists such as Tom keeping the flame alive with passion and talent. Tom is nothing short of a prodigy  - Sonicabuse

“He’ll blow your socks off with his whisky-stained husk of a voice.” – LeftLion

"His vocal delivery was first to surprise, having a rough, Tom Waits-esque groan, powerful-yet-controlled...the kid has some serious, serious talent." – Nottingham Live

Track listing:

1. Not From Around This Town
2. Well Dressed Man
3. Hard Times A' Comin'
4. The Bottle Ain't For Me


Marty's review: sounding like a blues man straight out of the Mississippi Delta, Tom McCartney's new EP is a take-no-prisoners affair combining acoustic and electric blues with a slight country tinge. That's topped off with his gravelly voice that blends in so easily with the raw and effortless production on this 4-track release. This young man sounds as if he's been playing the blues for more than his 17 years of age, with a clear appreciation of where it has come from and where it goes. The energy and emotion come through with a passion like a non-stop freight train passing in the night.

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