Friday, November 18, 2016

Debut Release by Magic Dick and Shun Ng...Soulful and Rockin' Blues

Magic Dick, the legendary harmonica player of The J. Geils Band partners up with award-winning guitarist and vocal sensation, Shun Ng for their debut release, "About Time". The music is soulful and rockin' yet intimate and intricate, performed by arguably two of the top musicians at their respective instruments. As an acoustic duo, each song and arrangement showcases the breadth and depth of the two instruments and the wide-ranging, adventurous spirits of these two artists and the results are astonishing. Recorded with no overdubbing or layering of the instruments, this album is a collection of technically daring interpretations of old classics and virtuosic originals. Most of all, it is a faithful representation of experiencing the duo live. 

Stream the album and download HERE at cdbaby

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