Monday, November 28, 2016

Tom McCartney new EP release "Well Dressed Man"...bluesy rock'n'roll

Describing himself as "a bluesy rock 'n' roll artist with some country twang", Tom McCartney is a 17 year old, up and coming blues, country and rock 'n' roll artist from Nottingham, England. After 3 years of performing music, it has finally been announced that Tom will be releasing his debut EP, entitled "Well Dressed Man".

This is the future of the blues: young artists such as Tom keeping the flame alive with passion and talent. Tom is nothing short of a prodigy  - Sonicabuse

“He’ll blow your socks off with his whisky-stained husk of a voice.” – LeftLion

"His vocal delivery was first to surprise, having a rough, Tom Waits-esque groan, powerful-yet-controlled...the kid has some serious, serious talent." – Nottingham Live

Track listing:

1. Not From Around This Town
2. Well Dressed Man
3. Hard Times A' Comin'
4. The Bottle Ain't For Me


Marty's review: sounding like a blues man straight out of the Mississippi Delta, Tom McCartney's new EP is a take-no-prisoners affair combining acoustic and electric blues with a slight country tinge. That's topped off with his gravelly voice that blends in so easily with the raw and effortless production on this 4-track release. This young man sounds as if he's been playing the blues for more than his 17 years of age, with a clear appreciation of where it has come from and where it goes. The energy and emotion come through with a passion like a non-stop freight train passing in the night.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Americana singer-songwriter Rod Melancon new EP release "LA14"

Deep in the swamp lands of South Louisiana, in the small towns off State Highway 14, there are stories waiting to be told. There are ghosts to conjure up in the night fires and the bayou jamborees. Much like Johnny Cash captured the Arkansas of his childhood and Bruce Springsteen brought Asbury Park alive for millions, singer-songwriter Rod Melancon has introduced to listeners the stories of South Louisiana’s small towns and conflicted characters. The Daily Country raves that Melancon’s tales are "experiences personal and universal to one of Americana’s finest rising artists, destined to create his own legend and legacy." The latest vehicle for Melancon’s intriguing storytelling is his five-song EP, LA 14, released via Blue Élan Records.

LA 14 is a preview of the full album to be released next year. With the help of producer Brian Whelan (Dwight Yoakam), Melancon has pushed his song-cycle into a swamp-tinged, country blend that moves out to the parameters of psychedelic-rock and deep southern blues. His songs here, while entirely original, echo the poetic soul of Guy Clark and Townes Van Zandt.

The centerpiece of LA 14 is “Lights of Carencro,” a chillingly dark and personal song and video. Emerging from Melancon’s father’s point of view, “Lights of Carencro” tells the story of the death of his brother in 1976. Melancon vividly paints the experience of tragedy and loss as he tells the engaging narrative, performed through a nightmare-like spoken word mixed in an eerie high frequency.  

For more information on Rod Melancon, visit his social media: FACEBOOK | TWITTER |YOUTUBE  | INSTAGRAM

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Friday, November 18, 2016

Debut Release by Magic Dick and Shun Ng...Soulful and Rockin' Blues

Magic Dick, the legendary harmonica player of The J. Geils Band partners up with award-winning guitarist and vocal sensation, Shun Ng for their debut release, "About Time". The music is soulful and rockin' yet intimate and intricate, performed by arguably two of the top musicians at their respective instruments. As an acoustic duo, each song and arrangement showcases the breadth and depth of the two instruments and the wide-ranging, adventurous spirits of these two artists and the results are astonishing. Recorded with no overdubbing or layering of the instruments, this album is a collection of technically daring interpretations of old classics and virtuosic originals. Most of all, it is a faithful representation of experiencing the duo live. 

Stream the album and download HERE at cdbaby

See also video for Whammer Jammer

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Brooklyn-based duo Sunshine Nights new roots release "A Brooklyn Biography". Urbangrass is born!

Sunshine Nights is an Americana-roots songwriting partnership between Amy Priya and Stephen Sunshine. Their songs evoke a charming union of styles, a dichotomy of the old and new, indie folk sentiment blended with old time blues, bluegrass and a tinge of traditional jazz. Their new EP, A Brooklyn Biography, is a collection of stories from their home borough. The songs are unique, written in the context of bustling New York life far removed from the Appalachian and Southern origins of the music they love. The songs of this 6 song EP raise the question: Can there be a genre called Urbangrass?

Sunshine Nights was born one fine day in Manhattan's East Village when Amy sang a song and Stephen played a guitar. They quickly realized that making music together was fun and sounded pretty cool, so they started writing songs and singing together. After they moved to Bushwick, Brooklyn, Amy picked up the double bass and Stephen the lap steel. Their first gig was in August 2009 at Public Assembly in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Sunshine Nights draws inspiration from their Bushwick neighborhood’s vibrant and diverse artistic culture. Since they moved there in 2006, the area has shaped their songwriting and creative process. Their influences include Alberta Hunter, Dr. John, Big Bill Broozy, Lil’ Green, and Lou Reed.

A Brooklyn Biography is the product of a year of intimate studio sessions recorded with an immense appreciation for the analog process that brings forth a pure, honest, and raw sound to the duo's heartbroken harmonies and passionate musicianship. The tracks were laid down on 2” 8 track tape. The EP features Amy on vocals, upright bass and harmonica, Stephen on vocals, guitar, lap steel and piano, Kain Naylor on percussion and Jeremy Kasha on mandolin. The EP was recorded and mixed at the legendary Maid’s Room in New York City by Jack McKeever (Rufus Wainwright, Devendra Banhart).

Marty's review: Sunshine Nights' latest EP release, A Brooklyn Biography, is a 6-track, stripped back roots production using all acoustic instruments and bringing to the fore the vocal and songwriting talents of Amy Priya and Stephen Sunshine. Taking their surrounding Brooklyn neighborhood as inspiration for their songwriting, they create and weave stories that make you feel like you're walking the streets with them and taking in the sights, sounds and characters they experience. The music itself has that "front porch" sound and is one that resonates with a crisp, clear tone that is a delight and pleasure to listen to. My favorite track is the bluesy "Bedford Stomp". 

A Brooklyn Biography is released through Wake Up Records on Friday, November 18, 2016. They will celebrate the release with a performance and party at The Bat Haus in Brooklyn on Thursday, November 17, 2016.

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Friday, November 11, 2016

LA-Based Alt-Country Blues Singer Michael Colton new video for "Won't Fall Away"

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter and guitarist Michael Colton’s video for his new single “Won’t Fall Away.”  It’s the third track from his upcoming EP “California Blue” and it showcases a more melancholic, soulful side of the vibrant performer. It was produced by Marty Rifkin (who played alongside Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty and others) and Steve Trovato and is taken from his forthcoming album “California Blue” 

Singer/ songwriter Michael Colton has penned the ultimate oath of enduring love with his charming new country -tinged ballad, “Won’t Fall Away.” According to, Colton “has depth, warmth, and grit - and he can play the hell out of his guitar.”

Produced by Marty Rifkin (Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty) and Steve Trovato, Colton’s upcoming release, California Blue, displays Colton’s blend of storytelling, straightforward tunefulness, and incendiary guitar work. Colton’s recent live appearances include SXSW, The Sundance Film Festival, and Los Angeles’ House of Blues. 

More information on Colton is available on his official website.

Diving deep into the explosive traditions of virtuosos Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, and Eric Clapton, Colton began his musical career as a cocky young guitarist. Exploring that music led him further down that road, all the way to blues legend Robert Johnson. Colton went on to record an EP of Johnson’s songs, the critically acclaimed The Robert Johnson Sessions.

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