Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Progressive Folk artist Nessi Gomes' debut album "Diamonds and Demons" review

I was so impressed with this new release that I had to write up a second post. I think you will be too once you've heard this most amazing album.

Marty's review: Nessi Gomes' "Diamonds and Demons" is one of those albums that you know you're going to love right from the first opening bars.  The production surrounds the listener with a swirl of musical fragrances that light up the soul and soothe the inner heart. Nessi's voice has a uniqueness to it that lingers like a fresh floral scent and the mostly acoustic instrumentation floats in the air and arouses the senses. If you want some comparisons I would mention contemporaries like Lisa Gerrad, Alison Krauss, Bjork, Kate Bush, Enya and Marianne Faithfull (fine company to be in I would say). 

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 All songs Lyrics & Music: Nessi Gomes
Produced, Engineered, Arranged: Duncan Bridgeman
Post production and sound processing: Nigel Butler
Mixed: Joe Dworniak, Nigel Butler, Duncan Bridgeman
Mastered: Joe Dworniak

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