Friday, September 9, 2016

California based guitarist Leo Goh serves up a dose of funky jazz-soul with "Jig Is Up"

Leo Goh is a Singaporean guitarist/audio engineer based in California. He has been there about 3 years and graduated from Musicians Institute Hollywood. He's worked with the likes of Suvi Suresh, Noor Che'ree, Austin Gatus and Curtis Brooks and has played along the Sunset Strip, opened for Macy Gray, Holland and Oates, Blue Sun Festival etc. He currently performs with the band GrooveMartini with his partner, Nipun Nair. Groove Martini is a high-energy cover band playing corporate gigs and is currently planning a Vegas headline show. They've been reviewed by Music Connection as, quote, “Not your typical cover band” and “The band’s covers are arguably better than the original.” They also host a monthly jam session at Couture Hollywood, the next one being on September 23rd. Do check them out.

Jig Is Up took several months just writing and planning. Being self-produced, it was tougher having to think of the overall picture. Drummer Leonne Castellas and bassist Jason Lobell definitely helped with their input and the keyboardist was none other than Nipun Nair, who also plays just about anything and is Leo's partner in Groove Martini. It's unique in it’s blend of genres and definitely caters to both the commercial and niche markets as it is funky, fun and yet intricate.

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