Thursday, June 30, 2016

Americana band Coral Creek Rocks Rochester and other locations

Colorado's Coral Creek Embarks on Tour of the
West Coast and Mountain West

Colorado based Coral Creek is scheduled to perform 16 tour dates along the west coast and mountain west beginning this week. With roots based in Americana, Bluegrass and Rock n' Roll, Coral Creek has shown considerable growth in the last few years with festival plays and packed theatre gigs both nationally and internationally. 

Not your average Americana group, Coral Creek features a prestigious lineup whose members have toured with groups such as Leftover Salmon, Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder, Derek Trucks Band, Lyle Lovett Band, and The John Cowan Band. Led by founding member and chief songwriter, Chris Thompson, Coral Creek seizes center stage with beautifully written compositions and storylines reminiscent of John Prine and Robert Hunter. Previously produced by Bill Nershi of the String Cheese Incident, Thompson’s playing is stylistically blazing new trails inspired by guitar heroes Jerry Garcia and Tony Rice.

Tour Dates
Jun 30 -  Thursdays on First & Third: Rochester, MN
Jul 02 - The Bottleneck: Lawrence, KS
Jul 08 - Summer of Love Festival: Hawkhurst, KEN
Jul 16 - Rudry Festival: Rudry, UK
Jul 29 - the BEACH: Buena Vista, CO
Aug 03 - Beaver Creek: ResortAvon, CO
Aug 05 - Parfet Park: Golden, CO
Aug 19 - Yarmony Grass: Rancho Del Rio, CO
Sep 02 - Reservoir Hill Park: Pagosa Springs, CO

For more information about Coral Creek, or the schedule of events, check out the official website at


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Monday, June 27, 2016

Danish power blues trio Jake Green Band..not your average blues band

Jake Green Band is not your average blues band.

With remarkably experienced musicians and an extraordinarily strong lead vocal, the band not only aims to venture outside of the boundaries of convention, but also has the technical foundation to do so. The sound of this power trio is an artful mix of blues rock, heavy shuffles and heart-wrenching slow blues, sure to reverberate in your chest and soul.

The band members span 30 years in age and professional experience in the music industry. This is perhaps what creates the unique combination of solid, traditional blues craftsmanship and elements of other styles of music from the past three decades.

Guitarist and singer Jake Green has played with just about everyone in the Danish blues scene, not least as a steady host since 2006 at the legendary Thursday Night Blues Jam at Mojo Blues Bar in central Copenhagen. Jake has also wielded his signature green Gibson guitar on the foreign stages of Austin, New York, London, Thailand and Spain to great acclaim.

Drummer Hans Rosenberg has recorded over 160 albums and played all over the world with big name acts, including Nanook, Teitur, Uffe Steen, and Rasmus Lyberth Band.

Bass player Jens Simonsen is an alumnus of the Musicians Institute of California and has toured the world and recorded several hundred albums both as a musician and as producer and sound technician.

For a decade the band has played at the famous blues spot MOJO Copenhagen and now it is your turn to have the honour of this band and listen to them.

Jake Green Band is known for delivering a live performance of high standard and a duration of 2 till 4 hours. In November 2015 the band released their album “Plugging in”, which you will find at spotify and Itunes.



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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Cross-Cultural Singer-Songwriter Danielle Prou new single release "The Healer"

Singer-Songwriter, Danielle Prou, has recently released a new single and video "The Healer" from her forthcoming EP.  "The Healer" is a haunting exploration of personal sadness, longing and redemption. Built around a sultry vocal hook and swelling strings, the song captures the exceptional level of maturity this young songwriter has reached.

Hold a mirror up to the melting pot that is America and you may just Danielle Prou’s reflection in the glass. Her father is a fourth-generation American of Spanish heritage. Her mother is a refugee survivor of Cambodia’s sinister Killing Fields. Born in Australia and now living in Los Angeles, cross-cultural beauty glows bright in her face, much as the hopes and dreams of a young American emanate eloquently from her songs. She’s a one-woman embodiment of the multicultural reach for a shared destiny that is the American experience.

For Danielle, music is at the foundation of everything. As she puts it, “Music is the glue that holds the whole world together. I don’t know what life would be without it.” When she was younger, she pursued acting, and landed several gigs, but it soon became clear that music was her true passion.

When she was twelve, she began working with Shaun Royer, a vocal coach known for helping to launch the careers of young artists. It was at Royer’s urging that she began writing songs on guitar, and the piano (her chief songwriting instrument).

Where Danielle’s performances are electric, her choice of material is wonderfully eclectic. When she isn’t singing her own songs, she loves interpreting songs by other artists, mining a wealth of music created well before she was born.

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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Archive X releases cover of 1961 Ray Charles song "Hard Times" from new album "Some Ungodly Hour"

 Hints of Prince... some 'Exile on Mainstreet'... and a little bit from Queen. With ArchiveX, there are praises to be sung.” Steve Hochman (KPCC/KQED/LATimes)

"ArchiveX’s blend of pop, rock, gospel and ambient: unearthly…stomping…impossibly gorgeous…pure vocal conjuring.” HITS

"All I know is this is some mind-blowing shit!"

On June 10th LoEx presents the first single, ‘Hard Times, from ArchiveX’s forthcoming debut album ‘Some Ungodly Hour,a collection of what the San Francisco-based artist calls Soul-Ambient-Electro-Roots. It is, indeed, subtle, genre- and age-defying music.

Hard Times’ is a 1961 classic reworked by ArchiveX who was drawn to the track’s pointed yet universal lyrics, particularly well-suited to our own times

In the accompanying video (shot in London by Kamil Dymek) that message is honed to a sharp metaphorical point as an imprisoned man is forced to rely solely upon his inner resources, imagination and will to persevere within - and even transcend -  the harsh limitations of external circumstance. He is trapped. The walls are close and relentless. (The circumstance in the video is more than metaphorical in the mass-incarceration culture of the United States, where the prison population has grown a staggering 700% in the last forty years and where one in every fifteen black men is behind bars.)

In the original version of the song, the great Ray Charles chose to create an ironic disconnect between the relatively cheerful bluesy/gospel piano lines and the very dark lyrics. ArchiveX pays homage to the peerless original while recasting its message for a fresh audience, darkening the music with electronic brush strokes, for our own hard times.

Hard Times is released June 10th 2016

Some Ungodly Hour is released on July 29th 2016

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

5 Apps Every Blues Enthusiast Should Have - Part Two

Part Two.. (link to part one below)

From the days of roadhouses, slide guitars and Jim Crow laws, to the age of smartphones, MP3 and apps, Blues is unquestionably a genre that has stood the test of time. Its smooth transition into the twenty-first century means that it’s no surprise that what once would have required spending hours in a dusty basement digging through records can now be done in seconds with the power of your mobile phone.

While smartphone apps don't quite hark back to that stereotypical image of the brazen guitar player—cigarette dangling from mouth, bottleneck on finger—they are extremely handy tools for all blues lovers to stay up-to-date and part of a culture and music genre that have proved to be truly timeless.

It's only a matter of time before any blues lover gets the urge to pick up the guitar themselves. No matter what age you are, it's never too late to start music lessons, and with smartphone technology, it's never been easier. The BluesGuitar Lessons app offers a comprehensive course even if you've never touched an instrument before.

It offers eight video lessons, alongside a full list of all common blues chords and scales so you can bust out your own sizzling solos. Alongside this, you’ll also get to know some incredible guitar licks to impress your friends. The app works offline so you can take lessons anywhere, and there's a bonus manual with over 900 extras! For a free download, it includes an incredible amount and variety of helpful material to get you finger picking like a pro in no time.

Once you've got started with your lessons, it'll only be a matter of time before you get to share all you've learned with your close friends. Everyone loves that guy at the party who can pick up a guitar and rock out some awesome tunes, but unfortunately, almost every instrument you find will be in standard tuning.

Luckily, With G-Strings, you can easily get that guitar down into open G and serenade your friends with the haunting wails of the most common Blues guitar set-up. The app works like any standard tuner but has the benefit of being conveniently stored on your phone! It also has a great feature for more experienced guitarists, where you can create custom tunings and note ranges.

While smartphones are fantastic tools, sometimes they need a bit of support. Especially when running apps on-the-go, downloading from public WiFi and using your phone overseas, things can get a bit hairy. You might either find your phone contracts a virus, which could wipe all your apps and even your music library or that you can't access your favorite songs due to geo-blocking restrictions.

Fortunately, using a Virtual Private Network resolves all of these problems in one simple app. It will allow you to access music anywhere by bypassing licensing restrictions and protect your collection from attack. So while you're getting your daily fix of smooth blues riffs, install BufferedVPN to ensure access, safety and security and to allow you to carry on hunting down new tracks and collecting classic tunes.

Just because blues wasn't born in the twenty-first century, doesn't mean it can’t take part as well as its more contemporary successors. These five apps are a testimony to how the genre is still relevant and loved generations later and are essential downloads for any enthusiasts. These are only a few of the many blues apps available, but if you know of any others that should be on the list, then be sure to leave a comment below! 

..article written and submitted by Cassie, blogger at

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

King-o-Keys and His Smokin' Aces - On the Rocks..Hot Blues, Chicago Style

Blues, Rock n’ Roll and a whisper of Jazz… straight up, or on the rocks.

Musician, songwriter and singer Eldon Olmstead is the King-o-Keys.  Eldon’s music is rooted in the Chicago-style blues piano of Otis Spann and Henry Gray, the rock 'n' roll piano swagger of Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard, bursts of hot and cool jazz, folk and ragtime – all interwoven into songs.

♛ When you have a fistful of Smokin’ Aces, it’s easy to be king.  And, can those Smokin’ Aces™ play.  The Smokin’ Aces are Peter C. Budd (guitars), Eddie Grzyb (drums) and Richard Ashley Holmes (bass guitar); their wide array of musical skills and old school approach brings Eldon’s songs and music to a new highs.  A special thanks to Maxwell Meador for his saxophone work on Troubled Life and Stay Drunk All the Time.

For music by the King-o-Keys and by the King-o-Keys and His Smokin’ Aces, downloads, show schedules, music blogs and everything else you want to know, visit the King-o-Keys website at


Marty's review: Eldon Olmstead certainly deals up a full house on his EP "On the Rocks". With influences from rock and roll, jazz and blues, these 5 tracks pump out a sound that is all around and will have you toe-tapping al the way. Hot guitars, jazzy brass and pounding piano combine to make this recording an upbeat and fun affair that's worthy of multiple plays. If you're a fan of the likes of Dr.John, Rolling Stones and Jerry Lee Lewis, then this is right up your alley.

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