Thursday, May 19, 2016

Chris Hudlow Recovery Fund..front man for Lost Dog Found needs your help

Lost Dog Found have been featured previously on this blog HERE

This has come direct from the band's leader, Stevie Mac..

Chris Hudlow Recovery Fund
With very heavy hearts, we want to let you know that on April 21st, Chris suffered a major stroke. We don't have all the details of what his recovery is going to be, but we know the bills are going to be incredibly high. His family happened to be between insurance companies at the time of the stroke, and we hope you can lighten his families burden by donating what you can to a medical fund set up by PlumFund (who we worked with when Lost Dog Found played a benefit for victims of the Valley Fire).

Please visit 

If you ever got the chance to see Chris perform, or know him personally, you know he that rare person that is loved by everyone... he is truly one of the good guys. He gave all he had to his family when he wasn't giving it his all on stage. Thank you for your donations, for your support to his family while they get through this, and we love you all.

Thank you with all my heart,
Stevie Mac
Band Leader - Lost Dog Found


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