Saturday, May 7, 2016

Brooklyn-based blues rockers Skunkmello new singles and album release

Brooklyn-based rock and rollers, Skunkmello, a brazen fusion of rock and bluesare previewing 3 new tracks from their forthcoming album, Hot Chicken, due out June 10th. 

"Hard-luck cowboys, southern souls in the big city, and they represent the best of what the old south has to offer in midst of all that hard rock, indie and pop." (Ryan's Smashing Life).

Skunkmello celebrate the traditions of rock ‘n’ roll with brazen irreverence, blending the influences of classic rockers and blues artists, such as Creedence Clearwater Revival, Townes Van Zandt and The Rolling Stones. Skunkmello have criss-crossed the country and graced the stages of national venues and music festivals, including SXSW, CMJ and Musikfest.

Stream the 3 tracks, Slaughterhouse Blues, Highway 17 and Ridin' the River HERE on Soundcloud.

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