Monday, February 8, 2016

Swedish Blues/Soul/Rock band Julia and The Basement Tapes HOT new EP release "The Dues"

Swedish blues/rock/soul outfit, Julia and The Basement Tapes, have recently released a new EP, "The Dues", which is the follow up to their very successful debut EP, "The Basement Tapes" (previously reviewed on this blog HERE).

Julia and The Basement Tapes were formed at the end of 2012 when Julia Tinglöf (vocal) and Johan Borgh (guitar) had been writing songs together for a while and decided it was time to start a band. The best rhythm section available was contacted, consisting of Samuel Söderberg on bass and Johannes Sidenqvist on drums. The newly formed band participated in the band contest Spinnrocken, which they won. Shortly after that they recorded their debut EP "The Basement Sessions" with the help of producer Andreas Rydman. The EP was released at the end of May 2013. Shortly after that, Richard Hamilton playing the keyboards joined the band. 

Marty's review:  As if their first EP wasn't hot enough, Julia and The Basement Tapes follow up with their second and even hotter EP, "The Dues". Combining their now trademark rocking blues with added soulful keyboards, JBT have produced a sterling 6 track effort of soulful blues with a rocking edge. Opening with the rocking blues of "Please Don't Stop" that showcases Julia's sultry, earthy vocals with Johan Borgh's searing guitar licks, this is what I would term their "trademark" sound. Follow this with the soulful blues ballad and title track "The Dues" with its intense vocals and soulful keyboards, "Don't Want to tell You" combining soulful lead vocals, cool backing vocals and another hot guitar solo, and "Come On Home" that starts as a slow paced blues/soul ballad and builds up to a midway guitar solo that rocks (again!). The Jimi Hendrix inspired "Rewind and Retake" with its opening licks reminiscent of "Voodoo Chile" that builds up to a tight blues/soul rocker that doesn't let up and "Mean Reds" that showcases Julia Tinglöf's passionate "Janis Joplin" style vocals with some cool jazz style horn playing.

Clocking in at a generous 30 minutes, this is a release that is certainly no fillers where each track stands on its own. Take some time out and discover Julia and The Basement Tapes (if you haven't already!).

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