Thursday, January 21, 2016

Roots Rock/Americana artist Diana Catherine "Gossip In the Devil's Radio" album review

Diana Catherine is known across North America as a captivating live performer with cutting intensity. With much acclaim and awards for her writing, Diana is pleased to bring you her 5th studio release, "Gossip In the Devil's Radio".

Marty's review: Diana's latest album is a 12 track collection of roots rock/blues/Americana. Well crafted, emotional and personal tunes, all self-penned, that are delivered with passionate, up front vocals coming not only from the heart but also the soul. From the all out electric blues of Old Dog, Should Have Seen You Coming, and What Can I Do, to the rootsy, countrified Not For Long, Moonlight and Things Are Gonna Change, each track delivers and stands out on its own. Diana plays acoustic and electric guitar and harmonica backed up by a tight knit group of accompanying musicians that do her compositions more than justice and create a sound that wraps around you without being over the top or in your face. Favorite tracks are Birdman, Moonlight, Old Dog and Down.

"Authentic Americana from a Canadian...full of Southern flavor. I dare you to listen and not think of John Mellencamp and Lynyrd Skynrd"....Jason Lawrence..Sony Music Entertainment, Canada

"She sings with passion and conviction through every line and note"...SKOPE Magazine


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