Monday, January 25, 2016

Lost Dog Found video for "The Big Stomper" and new album "Dine On Danger"... Cool Swing from San Francisco

Lost Dog Found are a Modern Swing band from San Francisco who's repertoire also encompasses Soul, Rock and Roll, New Orleans Jazz, Roots and Back-Alley Americana. Widely regarded as being one of the best live acts coming out of the San Francisco Bay Area, their live performances have become one of the sweatiest, electric, crowd interactive parties you'll ever attend.

video for "The Big Stomper"

The band was formed in 2010 when childhood friends Stevie Mac and Chris Hudlow reunited via Facebook. A conversation about birthday party sleepovers and shenanigans in high school brought out a new topic; music. Stevie had the idea of creating a band that was "modern meets retro" both in look and sound, and Chris had the perfect voice for the idea. They got together to work on a few musical ideas, and began piecing together the beginnings of Lost Dog Found shortly thereafter. 

With a humble start performing at small clubs, swing dances, and with a number of burlesque troupes, they scratched enough money together to record their first album, "The Jump Start Scandal," (named after an incident in high school where an amorous couple borrowed a friends car, and subsequently "broke it") which was recognized around the Bay Area immediately as a new, fresh take on roots/rock/swing, and the band began to get larger and larger appearance requests. The band now performs up and down the California coast at major festivals, clubs, corporate band events, and private events all year. 

With their newest album, "Dine On Danger," (dubbed "A Masterpiece" by, they have two albums that set themselves apart musically from the herd. 


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