Friday, January 29, 2016

Finnish trio Southpaw Steel'n'Twang new album "Stat(u)e of Mind"...a delight for Roots fans

Finnish trio Southpaw Steel'n'Twang have recently released their 2nd album, "Stat(u)e of Mind". Recorded in St Louis, USA, this 14 track collection is the follow up to their 1st album, "Hale's Pleasure Railway".

SST are a band that defy categorization, but, as their name suggests, their sound revolves around the twang of the steel guitar. With elements of roots, blues, rock, jazz, surf and a nod to the instrumental groups of the 60's, SST's music is adventurous with a whimsical flavour that leaves you with a wide grin on your face. The line-up is Ville Leppanen on guitars, Tero Mikkonen on percussion and JP Monkkonen on bass.

Marty's review: Of the 14 all original compositions, 12 are instrumentals with 2 vocal tracks, "Water" and "Something". The music combines steel, electric, baritone and resonator guitars with a rolling percussion of pounding drums and both acoustic and electric bass. Other instruments in the mix include ukulele, haw-ho, brass, "bouncing" keyboards and various sound affects. The sound is upbeat and happy, definitely "toe-tapping", and reminds one of warm, summer days. Duane Eddy and Chet Atkins come to mind and these guys have lots of fun without getting too serious. Favourite tracks are "Route 68", "Duel" and "Ilo".

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