Monday, January 18, 2016

Blues Artist Tomás Doncker's new album "This Mess We Made" A Racially Charged Epic

Independent Music Promotions recently announced what they're calling "one our most important releases to date" – the earth shaking and paradigm shifting masterpiece that is  Tomás Doncker's The Mess We Made, a racially charged epic that shows his unshakeable political views. Doncker is a world renown blues artist most often associated with the late 1970's No Wave scene in New York City. He's now putting his years of talent to work to give all of us a glimpse into the bitter realities of modern America.

The message has been getting through to the masses thus far, receiving critical acclaim from the Huffington Post, Contact Music, Louder Than War, and many others.

Doncker says of The Mess We Made:  “It all started on The day of the Charleston Massacre.  Given the fact that the recent "Road to Charleston" was emotionally taxing enough for me (aka:Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Ferguson, Eric Garner, Baltimore - not to mention some of the less publicized events around the country and the world), the heinous events which occurred on June 17, 2015 pushed me over the edge.  I was overwhelmed with rage, hatred, confusion and disillusionment.  I had no place to put these feelings.  I had no idea how to process them.  So, in a selfish attempt to maintain my own sanity I did the only thing I could do -- write about it.  By Sunday, June 21, I had written 4 new songs . Within ten days I had recorded the 8 songs that would become  The Mess We Made.”

Yes,It does feel like I've only put a band-aid on this bullet wound, a sonic salve to temporarily ease the sting. Maybe one day the bleeding will stop...Maybe...One day...
(Tomás Doncker     NYC, 2015)


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