Friday, January 29, 2016

Finnish trio Southpaw Steel'n'Twang new album "Stat(u)e of Mind"...a delight for Roots fans

Finnish trio Southpaw Steel'n'Twang have recently released their 2nd album, "Stat(u)e of Mind". Recorded in St Louis, USA, this 14 track collection is the follow up to their 1st album, "Hale's Pleasure Railway".

SST are a band that defy categorization, but, as their name suggests, their sound revolves around the twang of the steel guitar. With elements of roots, blues, rock, jazz, surf and a nod to the instrumental groups of the 60's, SST's music is adventurous with a whimsical flavour that leaves you with a wide grin on your face. The line-up is Ville Leppanen on guitars, Tero Mikkonen on percussion and JP Monkkonen on bass.

Marty's review: Of the 14 all original compositions, 12 are instrumentals with 2 vocal tracks, "Water" and "Something". The music combines steel, electric, baritone and resonator guitars with a rolling percussion of pounding drums and both acoustic and electric bass. Other instruments in the mix include ukulele, haw-ho, brass, "bouncing" keyboards and various sound affects. The sound is upbeat and happy, definitely "toe-tapping", and reminds one of warm, summer days. Duane Eddy and Chet Atkins come to mind and these guys have lots of fun without getting too serious. Favourite tracks are "Route 68", "Duel" and "Ilo".

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Monday, January 25, 2016

Lost Dog Found video for "The Big Stomper" and new album "Dine On Danger"... Cool Swing from San Francisco

Lost Dog Found are a Modern Swing band from San Francisco who's repertoire also encompasses Soul, Rock and Roll, New Orleans Jazz, Roots and Back-Alley Americana. Widely regarded as being one of the best live acts coming out of the San Francisco Bay Area, their live performances have become one of the sweatiest, electric, crowd interactive parties you'll ever attend.

video for "The Big Stomper"

The band was formed in 2010 when childhood friends Stevie Mac and Chris Hudlow reunited via Facebook. A conversation about birthday party sleepovers and shenanigans in high school brought out a new topic; music. Stevie had the idea of creating a band that was "modern meets retro" both in look and sound, and Chris had the perfect voice for the idea. They got together to work on a few musical ideas, and began piecing together the beginnings of Lost Dog Found shortly thereafter. 

With a humble start performing at small clubs, swing dances, and with a number of burlesque troupes, they scratched enough money together to record their first album, "The Jump Start Scandal," (named after an incident in high school where an amorous couple borrowed a friends car, and subsequently "broke it") which was recognized around the Bay Area immediately as a new, fresh take on roots/rock/swing, and the band began to get larger and larger appearance requests. The band now performs up and down the California coast at major festivals, clubs, corporate band events, and private events all year. 

With their newest album, "Dine On Danger," (dubbed "A Masterpiece" by, they have two albums that set themselves apart musically from the herd. 


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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Roots Rock/Americana artist Diana Catherine "Gossip In the Devil's Radio" album review

Diana Catherine is known across North America as a captivating live performer with cutting intensity. With much acclaim and awards for her writing, Diana is pleased to bring you her 5th studio release, "Gossip In the Devil's Radio".

Marty's review: Diana's latest album is a 12 track collection of roots rock/blues/Americana. Well crafted, emotional and personal tunes, all self-penned, that are delivered with passionate, up front vocals coming not only from the heart but also the soul. From the all out electric blues of Old Dog, Should Have Seen You Coming, and What Can I Do, to the rootsy, countrified Not For Long, Moonlight and Things Are Gonna Change, each track delivers and stands out on its own. Diana plays acoustic and electric guitar and harmonica backed up by a tight knit group of accompanying musicians that do her compositions more than justice and create a sound that wraps around you without being over the top or in your face. Favorite tracks are Birdman, Moonlight, Old Dog and Down.

"Authentic Americana from a Canadian...full of Southern flavor. I dare you to listen and not think of John Mellencamp and Lynyrd Skynrd"....Jason Lawrence..Sony Music Entertainment, Canada

"She sings with passion and conviction through every line and note"...SKOPE Magazine


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Monday, January 18, 2016

Blues Artist Tomás Doncker's new album "This Mess We Made" A Racially Charged Epic

Independent Music Promotions recently announced what they're calling "one our most important releases to date" – the earth shaking and paradigm shifting masterpiece that is  Tomás Doncker's The Mess We Made, a racially charged epic that shows his unshakeable political views. Doncker is a world renown blues artist most often associated with the late 1970's No Wave scene in New York City. He's now putting his years of talent to work to give all of us a glimpse into the bitter realities of modern America.

The message has been getting through to the masses thus far, receiving critical acclaim from the Huffington Post, Contact Music, Louder Than War, and many others.

Doncker says of The Mess We Made:  “It all started on The day of the Charleston Massacre.  Given the fact that the recent "Road to Charleston" was emotionally taxing enough for me (aka:Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Ferguson, Eric Garner, Baltimore - not to mention some of the less publicized events around the country and the world), the heinous events which occurred on June 17, 2015 pushed me over the edge.  I was overwhelmed with rage, hatred, confusion and disillusionment.  I had no place to put these feelings.  I had no idea how to process them.  So, in a selfish attempt to maintain my own sanity I did the only thing I could do -- write about it.  By Sunday, June 21, I had written 4 new songs . Within ten days I had recorded the 8 songs that would become  The Mess We Made.”

Yes,It does feel like I've only put a band-aid on this bullet wound, a sonic salve to temporarily ease the sting. Maybe one day the bleeding will stop...Maybe...One day...
(Tomás Doncker     NYC, 2015)


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