Thursday, November 26, 2015

Siren o’ the Times: Aussie Crooner Dioni Sings of Recent Turmoil in Greece on New “Flirting with Reality” Lyric Video

Australia’s sweet and soulful export, Dioni, has released the video for, “Flirting with Reality,” a contemplative and timely song that addresses the recent crises in Greece. According to Comic Pop Library, “Dioni has a rich voice that she uses to transport listeners back to the 1960's.” 

Compared to ’60s icons Dusty Springfield and Sandie Shaw, the renaissance woman from Sydney has traveled extensively throughout Greece, performing in ancient theatres and stadiums in support of bands such as Faithless, Soft Cell, and The Chemical Brothers. Dioni has performed as a solo artist in Australia, France, Germany, Greece, and Qatar. She has a multilingual repertoire (including seven languages) and the ability to sing in multiple genres. 

Now, with “Flirting with Reality,” Dioni discusses classic existential issues and rhetorical questions while offering insightful political commentary. According to Dioni, the song was written and composed in 2013 at the height of the crisis in Europe while she was living in Athens, Greece:  “It was intended to be an ode to the crisis. It is pitched at a number of levels: Upon listening, “Flirting with Reality” initially comes across as a lighthearted tune and invokes an overall fun vibe, but there is much more to it.” 

Dioni explains that “Flirting with Reality” is intended to speak to and for a number of different people, including herself: “On the one hand, we have people oblivious to what's going on in Greece. There are also those who are deeply affected by it and those who are just trying to make the best out of a terrible situation. On a personal level, it reflects my "ride the wave" attitude towards life and my unwillingness to accept a mundane existence.”

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