Thursday, October 15, 2015

Aussie Singer Songwriter Marta Pacek's Whimsical Video of "The Hunted"

A Siren’s Sad, Sweet Songs: Buzzing Neo-Folkster Mart Pacek Perfectly Mixes Complex Emotions on New Video for “The Hunted” Recalling Lucinda Williams and Patsy Cline.

Whimsical new video from striking Australian/Canadian singer songwriter Marta Pacek.  Showcasing her song “The Hunted”, it’s an irreverent visual accompaniment to a song brimming with themes of betrayal and revenge.  She’s continuing to promote her new album “Voodoo Dolls & False Alarms” which was released last year in Canada and Australia.  She’s making a U.S. push with the release of new videos.  Her album recently won “Best Alt Country Album” at the Independent Music Awards.

“Marta’s songs are beautifully crafted and subtly orchestrated folk compositions of the rarest quality.”(

Pacek confesses that “it has taken me a while to accept that I like sad songs.” She adds that “I'm not a particularly sad person, but I do like to reflect. I find a certain comfort in melancholic songs.” According to Jessica Huddleston of Ottawa Life Magazine, Pacek offers the perfect blend of sad and sweet in her increasingly popular take on modern folk music.

According to Pacek, her new video takes an irreverent approach to relaying complex feelings of longing, lust, and pain: The video for "The Hunted" features a clear story-line. The story told in the video was purposefully playful in order to contrast the darkness of the song. In hindsight, when that song was written, there were feelings of revenge and anger about a certain situation, but by the time we shot the video, the dust had settled. The result was a new lighthearted perspective on past events.”

“The essence of folk music sounds just as Marta does. With her charming and ever-so-grateful disposition, every twang and forlorn confession has a sublime sound.”

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