Monday, July 20, 2015

Blues Engine debut album release "The Quick and The Dirty" is right on track

Marty's review: Blues Engine's debut album "The Quick and The Dirty" is right on track with an electric blues formula dashed with a taste of funk and soul that will please any blues fan. It's a polished effort with a raw edge and grittiness that combines several elements of blues roots and comes at you like an inter-city express. 

Alex Cooray's guitar work is slick and raunchy and is backed up by the tight rhythm section of Alex Liutai on bass and Ovais Hai on drums. Top this off with the sultry and smooth vocals by Katya Chernyakova, who also adds her piano licks to the mix, and you have a combination that rolls along at full steam (there's that train thing again!).

With titles like "Runaway Blues", "The Devil is Dancing on the Roof", "Tumbledown" and "Hush Your Mouth", this album wouldn't be anything BUT the blues! It was tough to pick a favourite track but I would say the (slightly) epic "Long Gone" and the upbeat "This Little Heart". An impressive effort that you need to catch and stay on board for the ride!


see more of Blues Engine on their site HERE and on their Facebook page

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